This is what residents of Den Dolder say after meeting Minister Dekker

Minister Sander Dekker came to a meeting in Den Dolder tonight to talk to the residents. Many people in the village feel unsafe now that they know of the serious mistakes made in the treatment of Michael P. The man who raped and killed Anne Faber.

The meeting with Minister Sander Dekker did not reassure all residents. “I found the meeting disappointing,” says Katina Paul, member of the Den Dolder interest group.

Resident of Den Dolder, Arjan van Bommel, also believes that the meeting could not have taken away the anxiety at the village: “We are not yet there with contact and transparency.”

According to Katina Paul, the village was only discovered by Michael P. that the clinic's population had changed to addiction and forensic care for criminals. There are still concerns about the patients who are currently in the clinic: “You know there is an institution with psychiatric patients, but that there are such dangerous people walking around here that we did not know. And what kind of people are walking around now? “Who can we meet?” said Paul.

According to Paul and Van Bommel there is a lot of fear in the village and people still feel very unsafe. There are concerns that the institution has done too little about extra security. “How on earth is it possible that people are smoking and drinking in the village who then return to the institution? That is still happening,” says Paul. Van Bommel: “I have not heard tonight that the security level is going up.”

The clinic in Den Dolder will not take up any more serious cases this year, such as Michael P. But they will not close earlier. That is what Minister Dekker said this evening to around two hundred residents of that municipality. The residents want the clinic to close earlier.

Climate: New York votes ambitious emissions reduction law for buildings

New York city council on Thursday passed a text that will require skyscrapers and large buildings to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, a law that is pioneering in the fight against global warming climate.

According to the text voted Thursday, entitled “Climate Mobilization Act”, the most polluting buildings will reduce their emissions by 40% from 2024. The others will have until 2030. Otherwise, they will be subject to heavy fines.

Thousands of residential and commercial buildings of more than 2,300 m2 covered by the text account for nearly a third of the city's emissions, the council said in a statement.

Among them, buildings as famous as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building or the Trump Tower: the emblematic skyscraper of the American president, where his company, the Trump Organization, is located, is one of the most energy-consuming buildings in the world. the American metropolis, according to the association ALIGN which supported the text.

City council chairman Democrat Corey Johnson welcomed in a tweet that the city voted “the most aggressive greenhouse gas reduction legislation ever adopted by a major US city”.

“We are on the brink of a climate disaster and New York is acting,” he added. “I hope other cities will follow.”

The real estate sector fought the text, which could cost homeowners some $ 4 billion, according to some estimates.

The president of the trustee of a residential building with more than 400 apartments in the Queens District District, Ed Ermler, said the task was impossible in the current state of technology.

“It's not like we have a magic wand,” he told US media.

New York Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio has already pledged to endorse the text, and could sign it next Monday, in honor of Earth Day.

The New York authorities want to be at the forefront of the fight against global warming.

Hurricane Sandy, which paralyzed the city in October 2012, served as a warning signal and since then the city has committed to reducing its emissions by 80% by 2050.

Democratic Bastion, it takes the counterpart of the climate-skeptical government of Donald Trump.

The reduction of building emissions by 2030 is also among the major measures advocated at the national level by the “Green New Deal”, a legislative project led by the young Democratic Congress star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Russian inquiry: the report Mueller whitens Donald Trump

Robert Mueller found no evidence that President Donald Trump was guilty of obstructing justice, Justice Minister William Barr said Thursday before a redacted version of the prosecutor's report was released special. “The Russian government has tried to interfere in our electoral process but thanks to the careful investigation of the special prosecutor, we know that the Russian agents who undertook these designs did not receive the help of President Trump or the campaign. Trump, “he said at a press conference.

William Barr this Friday again concluded that Donald Trump had not violated the law, while admitting that Robert Mueller had identified a dozen incidents involving the US president and sought to know if they were facts likely to be an obstruction of justice.

The report mentions, for example, the order received by Don McGahn, a presidential adviser, to declare that there were conflicts of interest around Robert Mueller's personality and to recommend that he be sacked. There is also “substantial evidence” that former FBI director James Comey was ousted for refusing to declare publicly that the president was not under investigation. On June 17, 2017, the US president also “ordered” the head of the White House's legal services, Don McGahn, to accuse Robert Mueller of “conflicts of interest” and to seek “his dismissal”. Don McGahn refused to comply, writes the special prosecutor in his report.

Skeptical Democrats

The report itself should be forwarded to Congress in the day and should rekindle the tension between the presidency and the Democratic Party, which regrets that Donald Trump's lawyers had access to the report before it was published. This text should, however, be expurgated from “some sensitive information”, again providing the Democrats with a reason for dissatisfaction.

The chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, Democrat Jerrold Nadler, lamented Wednesday night that William Barr is trying to influence public opinion. Speaking to reporters in New York, he said the Attorney General appeared to “lead a media campaign in Donald Trump's favor” while trying to prevent the transcripts of the report from “speaking for themselves”.

Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, condemned on Twitter the attitude of the Attorney General. “It's obvious that AG Barr behaves like Donald Trump's personal advocate and not like America's, and our country demands and deserves full transparency, which is why we have to hear Mueller,” he said. -she says.

Donald Trump exults

US President Donald Trump welcomed Thursday the findings of the Russian investigation, which confirmed the lack of agreement between his campaign team and Moscow, but does not clear the suspicions of obstruction of justice. “It's a good day for me,” Donald Trump told the White House at the time of the publication of this report of more than 400 pages after 22 months of investigation that has poisoned his first two years of office. “It will never have to happen to another president, this scam,” he added about an investigation he calls “witch hunt”.

Earlier, Donald Tump had exulted on Twitter making a reference to the famous series “Game of Thrones”. “No collusion, no obstruction For the rogues and the democrats of the radical left, it's Game Over”, was it written on a picture of him imitating a poster of the series, where it is seen from behind on a background of thick fog.

(With AFP and Reuters)

Right-wing populists on the rise: EPP polls with leading candidate Weber in the lead

Five weeks before the European elections, current opinion polls see the Christian Democratic EPP with the German CSU politician Manfred Weber as the leading candidate, despite significant losses ahead.

The European party family of CDU and CSU would therefore be around 24 percent across the EU. The Social Democrats (19.8 percent) and the Liberals (10.1 percent) would clearly land behind, as the European Parliament announced on Thursday.

The big winner in the polls is the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group, which currently includes the Austrian FPÖ, the Italian Lega and the French Rassemblement National (formerly the National Front). According to pollsters, the merger could come to 8.3 percent (plus 3.3 percent) and become even stronger if it reorganizes as planned following the election and also includes the German AfD. Only by a long way behind would green (7.6 percent) and left (6.1 percent).

The figures confirm previous forecasts, according to which especially the largest fractions have to fear sensitive losses. The EPP could therefore lose about 5 percentage points compared to 2014, as it would meet the Social Democrats. If both camps again want to form a kind of coalition, for example, to elect the future EU Commission President, this time they would have to involve at least one other party.

At least partly responsible for the losses of the big party families are the bad values ​​of CDU, CSU and SPD. For example, according to the polls, CDU and CSU have to expect to get four seats less than in 2014. They would therefore only have 30 seats. The SPD could even drop the polls from 27 to 17 seats. The Greens would come to 18 (plus 7), the AfD to 11 (plus 4) and the FDP to 7 seats (plus 4).

For their current projections, the pollsters assumed that Britain, despite the Brexit plans, will once again participate in the European elections. According to the polls, the British Social Democrats can hope for 26.5 percent, while the conservative Tories of Prime Minister Theresa May are only 16.5 percent. Behind each with 13.5 percent follow the new Brexit party of MEP Nigel Farage and the EU-hostile Ukip. The Liberal Democrats are seen at 9.0 percent and the Greens at 7 percent.

Benefiting from British participation would be the European Social Democrats (S & D) and right-wing populists. The S & D Group can hope for 19 unexpected seats, the right-wing populist Europe of Nations and Freedom Group, among others, at ten of Farage's Brexit party.

On the other hand, there is no advantage for the EPP with top candidate Weber. Last time no British party was more an EPP member. The Tories of May belong for years to the conservative party family ECR, which according to the latest polls Europe-wide at 8.8 percent.

Forum in coalition Flevoland? A look behind the scenes of the information process

A ghost party. For example, CDA leader in the province of Flevoland, Jan Nico Appelman Forum for Democracy qualified before the Provincial Council elections. Forum did not show itself in the province and hardly campaigned visibly. And more parties in Flevoland felt that way. GroenLinks Group Chairman, Bas de Reus: “We didn't see them. Not in the campaign. Not in the debates. Not in the street.”

The party nonetheless emerged as the largest and won eight seats under the leadership of party leader Gert-Jan Ransijn. Ransijn responded with determination: “We just go for it. We have been chosen by the voter as the largest party, then you pick up the bell.”

Annemarie van Gaal

Entrepreneur and TV personality Annemarie van Gaal was appointed as an informer. A surprising choice; Van Gaal has no previous political experience. But, she says, “I can really bring people together”. She issued her advice yesterday: a coalition consisting of Forum, VVD, CDA, PvdA and ChristenUnie.

A broad coalition, in short, from the populist right to the Christian left. Consisting of parties with eight, six and three times three seats respectively. 23 seats, out of a total of 41.

In recent weeks, Nieuwsuur has been closely watching the information process in Flevoland:

Ethics and technique, debate on radioactive substances

What legacy for centuries to come? The national debate on the management of radioactive materials and waste launched Wednesday wants to enlighten citizens on a complex issue, reflecting the cleavages around nuclear power.

In a country that has the world's second largest reactor park, this debate is the “heir to a history of conflict,” noted the president of the National Public Debate Commission Chantal Jouanno.

But “we want to try to overcome the divisions,” added Isabelle Harel-Dutirou, president of the special commission that organizes until 25 September.

“Everyone agrees that we must today make decisions that preserve future generations (…) but the solutions diverge,” she told AFP.

“Some say our responsibility is not to burden the future of future generations by not leaving an unmanageable legacy.”

In this camp are the NGOs opposed to the Cigeo project of landfilling 500 meters deep in Bure (Meuse), who want to wait for possible advances in science before choosing a solution that they consider irreversible.

“Others say our responsibility is to make the right decisions today,” says Harel-Dutirou.

Thus, legislators voted in 2006 a law choosing the storage of the most dangerous waste in deep geological layer, which led to the project Cigéo.

“In the framework of the law (…), it is necessary that one works on the definition of the pilot industrial phase and the reversibility” of Cigeo, insisted Virginie Schwarz, which represented the ministry of the ecological Transition to the first debate Wednesday.

So some question the usefulness of a debate on this choice already made, and more generally on how the discussions will be taken into account for the drafting of the 5th National Plan for the management of radioactive materials and waste ( PNGMDR) 2019-2021.

“Debate does not make sense if the choices on this subject are already locked,” denounced in a statement the Network Out of Nuclear, which decided not to participate.

This NGO and others advocate first for the cessation of nuclear power, while the government has pushed back from 2025 to 2035 the goal of reducing the share of nuclear power in electricity production to 50%.

– Hands with “six fingers” –

At the end of 2017, France had 1.62 million m3 of radioactive waste, according to the latest inventory of the National Agency for the Management of Radioactive Waste (Andra).

High-level radioactive waste (HLW), which can be radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years, represents 0.2%, the equivalent of the volume of an Olympic swimming pool, but 94.9% of the level of radioactivity, and have the time to join Cigéo.

The committee organizing the debate will also not elude the question of the “risks” and “impacts” of these substances on health and the environment.

“This is a subject that remains unknown, on which some received ideas are conveyed”, noted before the debate Sylvain Granger, head of waste management at EDF, ensuring that “the waste management system works well and safely “.

But waste is not the only one in question. In a country that has made the controversial choice of reprocessing, “materials”, ie radioactive substances for which “future use is planned or planned”, should also be at the heart of the debate.

The question of the storage capacities of these materials, particularly used fuels awaiting reprocessing, will be clarified by a report from the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN).

While La Hague's pools are likely to reach saturation levels by 2030, EDF is considering a new centralized pool, while Greenpeace is advocating dry storage in the sub-surface (just below the surface), deeming the pools “vulnerable” “.

But beyond the technique, there are “human, societal and ethical considerations,” said Ms. Harel-Dutirou.

As proof, the chosen logo: yellow barrels in front of which stand colored hands, symbols of the “trace of the Man” on the Earth.

Hands that should perhaps have “six fingers”, quips Michel Guéritte, anti-nuclear activist and opponent of Cigéo.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama: Video exposes hypocrisy of Fox News

What if Donald Trump's in-house Fox News broadcast about the current US president as critically as he did about his predecessor Barack Obama? This is the question asked by the US news site “Now This News” – and answered with the help of a video. The film is a compilation of clips showing how Fox moderators are violently attacking Barack Obama for the same things they studiously ignore or even praise on Trump. The clips, however, were edited so that the name Obama does not appear in them, and so gives the viewer the impression that the comments would fit perfectly on Trump.

Fox attacks sound like attacks on Donald Trump

Fox Fox journalists' attacks against Obama include golfing, Twitter usage, media criticism, presidential declarations, and alleged cable television obsession, among others.

The moderators and their guests say sentences like:

  • “This is a president who rules by decree.”
  • “If he does not just hold presidential decrees, he's on the golf course.”
  • “The president is on his way to Florida for a golfing boys' weekend.”
  • “The president almost seems obsessed with cable TV, or am I wrong?”
  • “Has any president in your life taken out such a tone, such roughness, from his predecessor, or from a single media company, which I've never experienced before?”
  • “He constantly treats his opponents like enemies”
  • “Once again he adores the worst regimes, crooks and dictators.”
  • “This is a president who acts like a dictator, a president who ignores the rule of law and sides with lawbreakers.”
  • “This is now a president who has proven that he is ready to lie to push through a program.”
  • “We have a president who can never admit he's wrong, he's both so insecure and conceited.”
  • “Mr. President, you must stop behaving like a schoolyard hooligan and start acting like the leader of the free world.”
  • “Should a president, the leader of the free world, be in a social network and tweet?”. “No.”

The video features TV personalities who worked for Obama during his time with Fox News. These include, for example, Bill O'Reilly, presenter of the Fox show “The O'Reilly Factor” for more than 20 years. The 69-year-old was fired in 2017 after the New York Times reported that O'Reilly and his broadcaster had paid a total of $ 45 million (nearly € 40 million) in hush money to several women accusing the TV star of sexual harassment ,

In addition to O'Reilly, some other protagonists of the video are no longer busy with “Fox News”. At the right-conservative orientation of the transmitter but has changed nothing. Many of his presenters are glowing Trump fans. “Fox News” star Sean Hannity even appeared on a campaign stage with the president last year.

US President Donald Trump lets himself be celebrated between construction workers unionists in Texas.

The broadcast of April 17

Formation new college of Flevoland

Forum for Democracy became the largest party in Flevoland. And it is the first and for the time being only province where Forum for Democracy is going to negotiate a place in the college. Currently the college consists of VVD, CDA, SP and D66.

On behalf of Forum for Democracy, entrepreneur and TV personality Annemarie van Galen has been appointed as an informer. She advises FvD to form a college with VVD, PvdA, CDA and ChristenUnie. The five parties have already had discussions with each other about important matters in the province.

Tonight in the broadcast a report and politically clearer Arjan Noorlander in the studio.

After an intense drought, torrential rains in Afghanistan

Torrential rains have fallen in recent days on Afghanistan, previously hit by drought, causing widespread flooding that killed at least five people and carried houses, including in Kabul, officials said Tuesday.

While some were enjoying the rain after a year of relentless drought in 2018, many Afghans complained of a lack of infrastructure and government assistance to help them escape the flood.

Sixteen of the 34 provinces have been hit in the last 24 hours, destroying or damaging hundreds of homes and taking away livestock, said Hashmat Bahaduri, spokesman for the Afghan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA).

Afghan youths try to return to their homes on the flooded streets of Kabul (AFP - WAKIL KOHSAR)

Afghan youths try to return to their homes on the flooded streets of Kabul (AFP – WAKIL KOHSAR)

Herat province in western Afghanistan was hardest hit: at least five people were killed when their homes collapsed, said Jilani Farhad, spokesman for the local governor.

Authorities in the province were also looking for 17 van passengers vanished Monday evening by the waters in Obey District, he added.

“There were women and children in the vehicle, we continue to search but we have not found any trace,” the spokesman said.

In the capital, the Kabul River, usually dry, suddenly swelled, flooding the streets and surrounding neighborhoods by about a meter of water in some places.

Drug addicts, who normally spend their time hidden under bridges spanning the river, could be seen smoking opium openly at street level as the water swirled around them.

Drug addicts usually hidden under the bridges of the Kabul River forced to smoke exposed opium at the edge of rough water (AFP - WAKIL KOHSAR)

Drug addicts usually hidden under the bridges of the Kabul River forced to smoke exposed opium at the edge of rough water (AFP – WAKIL KOHSAR)

On Tuesday, the authorities warned residents along the river to prepare to evacuate their homes as the water level soared.

Some 113 houses have already been partially or completely destroyed in Kabul, said Hashmat Bahaduri, spokesperson for ANDMA.

In the capital, Mujtaba, a student, lamented the lack of evacuation channels, when Mansoor Majab, another resident, hailed the happiness of “having all this water” that helps “get rid of drought problems “.

Afghan schoolgirls return to their homes with difficulty on the flooded streets of Kabul (AFP - WAKIL KOHSAR)

Afghan schoolgirls return to their homes with difficulty on the flooded streets of Kabul (AFP – WAKIL KOHSAR)

Years of dry weather, combined with a booming population and wasted water, have weakened the Kabul watershed, forcing people to drill ever deeper wells.

This winter, heavy snow fell in parts of Afghanistan, causing flash floods during the spring melt.

According to a count of ANDMA, as of March 28, more than a hundred people had already been killed by the floods in Afghanistan.

North Korea: Deserted soldier talks about his escape

The pictures went around the world: In November 2017, North Korean soldier Oh Chong Song deserted and fled to South Korea. Surveillance cameras filmed as Oh broke through a barrier in a military jeep and raced into the heavily secured demilitarized zone in the border area of ​​the two countries, heading for the South Korean border.

When the car got stuck, he got out and continued on foot. In the hail of his own comrades, Oh ran on, was hit five times. Just over the border he collapsed, covered in blood. South Korean soldiers hid him and flew him by helicopter to a hospital.

The United Nations later published pictures of the escape:

Oh Chong Song has no grudge against his comrades

Less than a year and a half after the escape, Oh Chong Song spoke with “NBC News” about his escape on Monday in South Korea. For example, he revealed that he had no grudge against the former comrades who almost shot him dead. “In their situation, I would have fired too, that's not a question of friendship,” Oh is quoted. And again: “I understand her because I would have done the same in her place.” Had he been caught, Oh, sure, he would either have been taken to one of the infamous penal camps of his repressive homeland or shot.

According to the report, the deserter served eight years in the North Korean army, but he apparently made the decision to flee spontaneously. He evidently only partially remembers his escape, but according to the report he no longer got his rescue. “I thought I was going to die while lying there,” Oh said. When they (the South Koreans, editor's note) rescued him, he would have been unconscious. Before, he'd noticed a bullet tearing a muscle: “I could feel the blood running warm, I was still running.”

Doctors found parasites in the intestine of the wounded

The doctors who subsequently operated on the injured people said, according to NBC News, it would be a miracle that Oh survived. In addition to the bullets, the doctors also discovered about 30 centimeters long worms in the body of the North Koreans – apparently a result of poor hygiene standards in the poor-poor country. The parasites had lodged in the gut.

Swell: “NBC News”, United Nations (via Youtube)

Video: North Korea allegedly rebuilds rocket system