The broadcast from 1 June

Everything went wrong in Nijmegen with the installation of the heat network

By 2030, 1.5 million homes must be gas. It is expected that around half will be connected to a so-called heat network. In Nijmegen they already started this well before the climate agreement. Now it appears that everything went wrong in the realization of everything.

Students and prisoners study together in the prison

A teacher brought the project from the United States to the Netherlands last year: getting criminology students to study with detainees. In this way, students also learn about prisoners outside the study books, and the prisoners are happy with the contact. In the US it is a success, how are things here? Tonight a report from the Penitentiary Institution in Krimpen aan den IJssel.

Minister: pro-anorexia coaches 'disgusting', in the fall campaign

MPs also respond to the NOS news coverage. A campaign alone is not enough for the ChristenUnie. MP Nico Drost: “What these 'coaches' do when they 'help' lose weight is harmful to health and we must combat it. It may be the lowest form of abuse if they turn out to be men who also have sexual intentions “

The ChristenUnie submits parliamentary questions and wants the minister to give priority to this specific form of child abuse. Drost also wants research to be conducted into the possibilities of banning these websites and that more money is spent on information.

That information is now inadequate, thinks SP Member of Parliament Maarten Hijink. He wants sites to be taken offline as soon as people there incite others to mutilate or starve.


CDA is once again arguing for a ban on all pro-anorexia websites. “I don't see any benefits,” says CDA MP Kuik. “I understand that there is still a world march to go before the time comes, but you have to start somewhere.” Such a prohibition already exists in France. Previously in the Netherlands this has been abandoned; it would not be enforceable or help.

Member of the House of Representatives Jeroen van Wijngaarden of the VVD does not think the House of Representatives should be banned. He thinks it is terrible that the sites are used as a cover for pedophiles and fears that material will end up on porn sites. That is why he wants the public prosecutor to see what they can do about it. The Netherlands should also look at a European context on how these sites and providers can be addressed, he believes.