Forest fires: Putin sends the army to Siberia

Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered the army to take part in the fighting against huge forest fires that ravaged Siberia for weeks, destroying millions of hectares and covering entire cities of smoke.

This decision comes days after the alarm signal issued by environmental organizations, who are concerned about the lack of reaction of the Russian authorities to these fires, even threatening to accelerate the melting of the Arctic.

As soon as the Russian President's decision, the Ministry of Defense announced the dispatch of ten airplanes and ten helicopters water bombers in the territory of Krasnoyarsk, one of the most affected regions, where nearly 800 firefighters are currently on the job.

On Wednesday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev promised help and said live on television that the fires did not pose “immediate danger” to the population.

“There are objective difficulties: the problem of distances, hard-to-reach places and factors specific to this year,” he said, while recalling the 2010 fires that plunged several regions of the country, including Moscow, under a thick smoke.

– “Climatic changes” –

The fires, caused by dry thunderstorms and an “abnormal” heat of 30 degrees Celsius in these areas, are spread this year by strong winds, affecting neighboring areas, the Federal Forestry Agency said.

In total, according to official figures, almost three million hectares, a little less than the size of Belgium, were on fire on Wednesday, mainly in the vast regions of Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk.

Aerial photo taken on July 30, 2019 of a forest fire in Siberia provided by the authorities of the Krasnoyarsk region (press-service of Russia's Krasnoyarsk Krai's forestry ministry / AFP - HO)

Aerial photo taken on July 30, 2019 of a forest fire in Siberia provided by the authorities of the Krasnoyarsk region (press-service of Russia's Krasnoyarsk Krai's forestry ministry / AFP – HO)

According to Greenpeace, more than 12 million hectares have already burned while 2,700 firefighters are deployed on site, according to Interfax.

The state of emergency was triggered throughout the Irkutsk region and Krasnoyarsk territory. Districts in three other regions are also placed in a state of emergency.

The smoke from these fires has already invaded a hundred localities in the areas where they are concentrated, but has also reached the major cities of the Altai (Western Siberia) and Ural regions such as Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk.

The director of the Russian consumer protection agency (Rospotrebnadzor), Anna Popova, however, argued Wednesday that these fumes did not present “major risks” to health.

For his part, Maxime Yakovenko, the head of the Russian Federal Meteorological Agency, said that these fires would “worsen year by year due to visible climate changes everywhere, including Russia.” According to him, temperatures in Siberia are already 8 to 10 degrees higher than those of the season.

“We are therefore expecting lasting heat waves, drying up of the soil, and therefore an increase in temperatures at a higher rate than the global average,” he told reporters.

– Reaction “rather late” –

Reacting to the sending of the army, a leader of the NGO Greenpeace Russia, Grigori Kouksin, regretted a decision “rather late” that should not, according to him, change “fundamentally” the situation.

“It would have been better to extinguish these fires at earlier stages, when it was still possible to do so,” he said on radio Ekho Moskvy, adding that the arrival of military could disrupt the work of firefighters .

The magnitude of these fires has reached an exceptional level this year and fears a long-term environmental impact, including the melting of Arctic ice, according to environmental groups.

According to Greenpeace, soot and ashes accelerate the melting of Arctic ice and permafrost, the permanently frozen layer, which tends to shrink this year, releasing gases that themselves reinforce global warming. .

Every year, huge fires rage in the vast, isolated forests of Siberia, to the point that the authorities sometimes prefer to let it go as long as the population is not threatened, or that the damage does not exceed the cost of anti-terrorist operations. fire.

Vladimir Tsemach in court: what does he know about MH17?

Vladimir Tsemach was in court today in Ukraine. At the time of the MH17 disaster, the Ukrainian allegedly had been the air defense commander with the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine. And with that he may be an important witness in the investigation into the circumstances of the disaster.

However, that was not the case in court, emphasizes reporter Gert-Jan Dennekamp, ​​who was present at the trial in Kiev. “His arrest by the Ukrainian secret service, and whether it was lawful, was central to today.” The secret service went over the front line and picked up Tsemach deep in rebel territory.

“In addition, he said he was drugged, hit on the head, put in a wheelchair and then pushed the front line,” says Dennekamp. “And now he is in prison.” In Ukraine, Tsemach is suspected of being involved in terrorist activities because he fought against the Ukrainian army.


Yet it is speculated that Tsemach was actually arrested for his involvement in bringing down MH17. “He has amplified those speculations himself because a video has surfaced in which he talks about hiding 'something'. The crucial word is squeaked away, but if you look closely, he seems to be talking about a Buk rocket.”

Tsemach itself denies any involvement in the MH17 disaster five years ago. “He says that the video was misunderstood and that he was not at that place at all at the time, that he was not involved in the downing of the plane or in the removal of the Buk rocket.”

Nevertheless, it does appear in the MH17 file of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service. “The justice department said that when the arrest was announced. The Public Prosecution Service would like to talk to him, but from what he stated today we conclude that this has not yet happened. Perhaps that will happen.”

Present via Skype

Striking detail: Tsemach was not physically present in the courtroom today, but via a video connection. “His call had been sent to the wrong prison. When the court withdrew to make a decision, the video connection was maintained and we as journalists were able to ask him questions and he answered them.”

Rare photo of a sea lion falling in the mouth of a whale

A sea lion accidentally falling into the open mouth of a humpback whale: this is the spectacular image taken by an animal photographer who evoked a “unique moment in a life”.

Chase Dekker, who is also a marine biologist, took this photo on July 22 from a boat on a Pacific whale watching expedition off Monterey Bay, California.

“I've seen a lot of crazy things, but nothing like that,” said the 27-year-old, who has been photographing wildlife for the past decade.

He explained on Instagram and in interviews that he had seen a group of humpback whales frantically chasing anchovies. At one point, an unlucky sea lion that was passing by could not get away in time and ended up inside the mouth of the cetacean. Grabbing a camera, Chase Dekker immortalized this unlikely scene.

“I was ecstatic, I had just captured a moment that I will probably never see again,” he said.

The humpback whale, which feeds only on krill and small fish, has never closed its jaws on the imposing sea lion, which escaped and was left for a great fright.

“This sea lion will have had a real Jonah experience,” commented Chase Dekker on Instagram.

Accused of conducting a “hate campaign”, Trump defends himself

Donald Trump defended on Sunday new accusations of racism triggered by his diatribe of the day against a black elected and the city of Baltimore, a risky electoral tactic and assumed that its opponents call a “hate campaign”.

“A disgusting disorder, infested with rats and other rodents”, a “very dangerous and dirty place” where “no human being would want to live”: the American president depicted on Saturday in tweets an infamous painting of Baltimore, an industrial city of Maryland is predominantly black with social problems, drugs and violence.

The attacks primarily targeted Baltimore's Elijah Cummings, who had criticized the conditions of detention of minors at the border with Mexico the previous week.

They provoked a volley of indignant reactions within the opposition, the leader of Democrats in the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi calling them including “racist”.

“The map of racism”

“Democrats still play the card of racism, while they have actually done so little for the great African Americans of our country,” said Sunday morning Donald Trump on Twitter.

“There is nothing racist about saying what most people already know: Elijah Cummings did a terrible job for people in his district and those in Baltimore,” he said. afternoon by the same way.

The presidential remarks provoked anger in Baltimore.

Its mayor, Bernard “Jack” Young, judged them “totally unacceptable”.

The Baltimore Sun, a local newspaper, wrote in an editorial that “it is better to have live vermin in your neighborhood than to be one”. Residents were also indignant on Twitter where they criticized the president with more or less polite words, using the hashtags #WeAreBaltimore (“We are Baltimore”) and #BaltimoreStrong (“Baltimore forte”).

As when the president had invited four minority democratic Democrats to return to their country in mid-July, his new remarks were discussed sparingly within his camp.

“The president is right that it has absolutely nothing to do with race,” White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told conservative television channel Fox News on Sunday. Texas Republican MP Will Hurd told ABC that he would not have “tweeted this way”.

“Diversion Maneuver”

In the run-up to the November 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump seems determined to galvanize his largely white electoral base by fueling the racial and ideological tensions that divide America.

Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib on Sunday accused CNN of carrying out a “hate campaign” intended to hide her lack of proposals for the country.

In November, one of the first two women of Muslim faith elected in Congress, the Palestinian-American is part of – with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley – the “Brigade” violently targeted two weeks ago by the republican billionaire.

His repeated attacks on these four MPs accused of “hating” America had quickly resonated with his supporters. “Send it back!”, The crowd had chanted during an election rally at the mention of Mrs. Omar, daughter of Somali refugees.

A strategy doomed to failure, said Sunday Senator Bernie Sanders, candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidential 2020 2020: “The Americans will not accept a president trying to divide us according to the color of our skin or of our birthplace “.

For New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is also hoping to challenge Donald Trump at the polls next year, it's all about a “diversionary maneuver” to “divert people from the reality of country”.

Barack Obama, quite discreet since his departure from the White House, modestly contributed to the debate by sharing Saturday on Twitter a platform of 149 black members of his government who are concerned about the rhetoric of Mr. Trump and the “rise of racism “in the United States.

“I am proud of the way they continue to fight for a better America,” wrote the former president, as a distorting mirror to his successor's famous slogan, “Make America Great Again (” Make America its size “).

(With AFP)

Donald Trump: “I'm the least racist person in the world”

July 30: Donald Trump: “I'm the least racist person in the world”

Donald Trump has rejected the racist allegations raised after his recent verbal attacks. “I'm the least racist person in the world,” he told White House journalists. “No president before me has done so much for the African Americans.” Unemployment among black US citizens is historically low. Trump had caused outrage with a series of Twitter messages. He cursed the African American MP Elijah Cummings, then he insulted the black civil rights activist Al Sharpton. In mid-July, Trump attacked four dark-skinned Democratic politicians. In January Trump had called some African countries “dirty holes”. As for the ensuing racism allegations, he said, “I'm not a racist, I'm the least racist person you've ever interviewed, I can tell you.”

July 30: Donald Trump insults black civil rights activist

After his condescending remarks about a predominantly black-populated constituency in Baltimore, Donald Trump launched offensive tirades against a black civil rights activist. His new attacks were directed at pastor Al Sharpton, whom Trump described on Twitter as a “scammer” and “troublemaker.” “He hates whites and cops.” Sharpton had previously stated that he was headed for Baltimore, previously scolded by Trump. So he apparently took the trouble of the President. “Next, Pastor Al will show up to complain and protest,” Trump tweeted. “Nothing is done for the needy, sad!” The attacked responded to the short messages of the US President. “Trump says I'm a troublemaker and a cheater – if he really thought I was a cheater, then he'd get me into his government,” Sharpton teased sarcastically.

Verbal Attack on Baltimore: Trump on Twitter: Rant and Announce

July 29: US intelligence director Coats leaves office in mid-August

US National Intelligence Director Dan Coats is leaving office. US President Donald Trump announced on Twitterthat Coats will hand over the post on 15 August. As a successor Trump wants to nominate the Republican Congressman John Ratcliffe. Coats, who co-ordinated the work of the US intelligence services, had revealed differences in a number of security assessments to Trump. These included North Korea, Iran and Russia. At the beginning of the year, the president had massively questioned the competence of his own intelligence services, especially in assessing Iran. Under Trump, there have already been a number of changes at the head of ministries and key authorities. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson dropped out of office for various reasons.

Donald Trump and Dan Coats

Donald Trump and Dan Coats (left) receiving the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team 2017

July 28: Trump attacks Elijah Cummings on Twitter

Donald Trump has again attracted racist allegations. On Twitter, he released several tirades against the African American MP Elijah Cummings. He cursed him for being a “brutal tyrant” and described his majority black-populated constituency in Baltimore as a “disgusting rat-rodent-infested”. Through the constituency of the prominent critic of his government, Trump wrote that he was the “worst” and “most dangerous” place in the US. “No one would want to live there.” Trump obviously aimed at the Democrat's criticism of his tightened asylum policy on the border with Mexico. Cummings had omitted the “great men and women of the Border Guard” and the situation on the southern border of the US, while “his Baltimore constituency was far worse and more dangerous”.

For his comments Trump reaped a storm of indignation. The House MP, Nancy Pelosi, called his messages “racist.” Today's mayor, African-American Democratic politician Bernard Young, criticized Trump's rhetoric as “painful and dangerous”. Cummings responded and replied on Twitter: “Mr. President, I return home daily to my constituency, every morning I wake up and I go out and fight for my neighbors.” It is his “constitutional duty to exercise government oversight, but it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents.”

July 27: US Supreme Court allows Trump to build the Wall with Pentagon money

US President Donald Trump scored a points victory in court for the planned construction of the controversial wall on the Mexican border. The US Supreme Court cleared the way on Friday night (local time) for the government to use money from the Ministry of Defense to build it. Trump wrote on Twitter that the decision was a “great victory for border security and the rule of law”.

Video: Trump's achievements: Money for the wall and agreement with Guatemala

The Border Wall is one of Trump's most important campaign promises. The Republican argues that only such a bulwark could outlaw irregularly arriving migrants, drugs, people smugglers and criminal gangs.

A federal judge in California issued an injunction in May stating that Trump was initially unable to use funds for the construction of the wall that were not approved by Congress. An appeals court also ruled that the government could not resort to the money while the lawsuit was in progress. The Supreme Court now lifted the injunction and gave up the use of funds while the legal dispute continues.

Affected are wall sections in Arizona, California and New Mexico. With Congress denying funds for construction, Trump wanted to borrow $ 2.5 billion from the Department of Defense budget.

Melania Trump is planning Christmas decoration of the White House - in July.

July 26: Trump government wants to re-enforce death sentences at federal level

The government of US President Donald Trump wants to enforce the death penalty at the federal level for the first time after more than 15 years. Justice Secretary William Barr has initiated a similar change, the US Department of Justice said in Washington. It had already ordered the execution of five prisoners, who had been sentenced to death. These were all condemned, among other things, for the murder of children and adolescents, it was said. Her executions are planned for December and January. Further executions would be scheduled later.

In recent years, several US states have abolished the death penalty or suspended its enforcement. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, this maximum penalty is now no longer available in around 20 of the 50 US states. Recently, California, where the largest number of prisoners on death row stabs – the death penalty by decree suspended. Donald Trump had explicitly criticized this. The US president has long been a supporter of the death penalty. After the radical right-wing assault on a synagogue in Pittsburgh last autumn, Trump had once more made explicit use of the death penalty and its enforcement. People who commit such crimes “should pay the ultimate price,” Trump said.

July 25: US judge stops a tightening of the asylum law wanted by Trump

A US federal judge has stopped for the time being a tightening of the asylum law wanted by President Donald Trump. Californian judge Jon Tigar said the new ruling was “likely to be invalid” because it violated current asylum laws. With Tigar's preliminary decision, the tightening of asylum law can not be applied until further notice. The legal dispute is likely to be protracted.

The US government announced ten days ago that asylum applications should be rejected on the border with Mexico if the migrants have not applied for refugee status in another country on their way. Attorney General Bill Barr said the new regulations should “hold economic migrants who want to use our asylum system”.

July 20: Trump defends plastic straws – and sells ten for $ 15

The plastic straws, which have fallen into disrepute because of their environmental impact, have found a powerful advocate: Donald Trump defended the controversial drinking straws on Friday to a journalist who had inquired about the attitude of the US president to the fight against disposable plastic. “I think we have bigger problems than plastic straws,” Trump said.

After a brief pause, he reached for a detailed explanation of his position. “You have a small straw, what about plates, packaging, and everything else that's much bigger and made from the same material?” Trump asked. “Everyone focuses on straws, there are many other things to focus on.” Nevertheless, he added with amused smile, that the question had been “interesting”.

In the US, demands for a ban on disposable plastic had recently become loud. Regardless, Trump's presidential team will next year advertise with plastic straws bearing Trump's name. In the short message service Twitter these were advertised separately – a ten-pack of Trump straws costs therefore 15 dollars (13 euros).

July 19: “Faulty Thought Processes” – Trump again calls on US Federal Reserve to cut interest rates

US President Donald Trump has again called on the US Federal Reserve to lower its key interest rate. Because of the Bank's “erroneous thinking processes”, interest rates in the US are much higher than in other countries, Trump complained on Twitter on Friday. Because of the strong US economy, interest rates should actually be lower, he continued. Unlike its predecessors, who usually did not comment directly on the Fed's course, Trump has attacked the central bank more often and demanded lower interest rates.

The Fed will again decide on the rate of interest at its next meeting on 31 July. Central Bank chief Jerome Powell had recently brought easing of monetary policy into play in the face of trade conflicts and a looming global economic slowdown. Financial markets are speculating on a turnaround in interest rates and expect a reduction of 0.25 percentage points. Currently, the key interest rate is 2.25 to 2.5 percent. An interest rate cut should give new momentum to the US economy.

July 18: Rare protest signal: US House of Representatives reprimands two ministers

The US House of Representatives has formally disapproved of Justice Secretary William Barr and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross for defying Parliament. The Chamber voted with the majority of Democrats after Barr and Ross failed to comply with the Congress's official demand for specific documents relating to the US census dispute. 230 MPs supported it, 198 opposed it. Above all, it is a political signal of the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives against ministers of the republican-led government of President Donald Trump.

Congress may initiate a procedure for contempt of parliament, for example, if someone refuses to testify before a panel or to hand over documents. Such cases are extremely rare. In the case of the census, there had been controversy between the two sides over the government's desire to include a question of citizenship in the census questionnaire. Several democratically governed states complained.

July 15: Trump considers raids on migrants a “success”

Following his threat of large-scale raids on undocumented immigrants, Donald Trump has spoken of success, but has not given any details. The raids of the police department ICE had been “very successful,” said Trump to questions from journalists. He claimed that many people had been arrested, the public just did not notice. He did not name numbers or other details. There is currently no evidence that large-scale arrests took place on Sunday. On the contrary, according to most reports, much of the planned operations had to be discontinued. Large-scale and coordinated deportations have occurred several times in recent years, including under Democratic President Barack Obama.

Video: Trump is apparently considering firing Trade Minister Ross

July 11: Donald Trump to kidney expert: “The kidney has a special place in the heart”

In the heart there are some places for other people, some for a Hölderlin poem, others perhaps for a violet bed or pork chops. Kidneys have no place in the ribcage. If only pictorial. Alone: ​​Those who symbolically pack their heart and kidneys to one place quickly give the impression of being a nerd. So Donald Trump presented a plan to promote home dialysis on Wednesday and, as is customary at such events, also dropped a few warm words. To those present, he said, “You have put so much work into the kidney, very extraordinary, the kidney has a special place in the heart, it's an incredible thing.” Maybe Trump's personal physician should put him through his paces again.

July 11: Trump continues to earn money from the state guests

US President Donald Trump has achieved legal success in the dispute over his luxury hotel in Washington. An Appeals Tribunal has filed a lawsuit by the State of Maryland and Washington DC D.C. dismissed, who had accused the President of making illegal profits with his Trump International Hotel. The three judges of the Federal Court in Richmond, Virginia, unanimously declared the claim unfounded. The Trump International Hotel, located near the White House, has been particularly popular with foreign dignitaries and corporations since the billionaire's election victory. According to media reports, the Saudi government in the five-star hotel spent more than $ 270,000, the telecommunications company T-Mobile almost $ 200,000. Critics argue that this is to buy the benevolence of the president.

Donald Trump International Washington Hotel: Popular with Dignitaries and Businesses

Since Donald Trump US President is particularly popular with dignitaries and entrepreneurs: the Trump International Hotel near the White House in Washington.

Maryland and Washington sued Trump in 2017. They accused the President of violating a constitutional article prohibiting US officials from accepting gifts, payments, or other donations from foreign governments or their representatives. The judges in Richmond said it was “speculation” that the guests of the luxury hotel wanted to buy the benevolence of the president. Trump welcomed the court verdict. On Twitter he accused the plaintiffs of a “witch hunt” against him and described the case as “ridiculous”.

July 9: Court: Trump must not block Twitter followers for criticism

US President Donald Trump may not block unpleasant followers in the short message service Twitter, just because he does not like their opinions. An Appeals Court ruled that on Tuesday in New York. Several Twitter users had fought in court against Trump blocking their accounts for critical comments. That is, they could no longer see the President's tweets and no longer respond to them.

Last year, a New York federal court ruled that this was contrary to the first amendment that protects freedom of expression. Trump then granted the person back access to his Twitter messages, but also appealed the first court decision. However, the Court of Appeals also ruled that a state representative using social media – such as Trump – for official purposes should not exclude other users from public debate because they did not like their comments. This is discriminatory and therefore inadmissible. The legal dispute has been dragging on for some time. According to court documents, Trump had blocked those affected in May and June 2017.

July 9: Trump opponent Tom Steyer now wants to be the US president

The former hedge fund manager and philanthropist Tom Steyer is now applying for the presidential candidacy of the US Democrats. The 62-year-old, who is a vociferous proponent of impeachment against President Donald Trump, announced his candidacy to run for Democrats in the in-party race. In January, the billionaire had actually declared to refrain from applying. The billionaire has drummed for years loudly for impeachment Trump. The Democrats already have more than 20 candidates. Californian MP Eric Swalwell, a rather unknown candidate, had given up on Monday.

Video: Rejection to Trump: Government against German ground forces in Syria

July 9: Nancy Pelosi criticizes plans for the census: Trump wants to “make America white again”

Democratic and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sharply criticized US President Donald Trump for his plans for the upcoming census. Background: Trump wants to interview the 330 million inhabitants by their citizenship at the 2020 census. The national survey usually does not aim to test citizenship, but merely to count the inhabitants. Pelosi described the process as part of a plan to “whitewash” America. “They intend to have a deterrent effect so that certain sections of the population do not complete the questionnaire,” said the spokeswoman. The census has far-reaching implications, including the number of electors electing the president, and the determination of funding. If millions of people were not counted, this would mean a loss of MEPs for states that have a high proportion of immigrants. The Surpreme Court had rejected Trump's plan, but now he is considering a decree to defend himself against the verdict.

Source: “CNN”

July 8: British Ambassador reportedly called Trump “incompetent” – now the president is backfiring

US President Donald Trump has criticized the British ambassador in the country after a press release about a highly negative assessment of the diplomat. Ambassador Kim Darroch did not “serve Britain well,” Trump said. He and his government are “not big fans” of the British diplomat. Previously, British newspaper Mail on Sunday reported on Darroche's secret briefings to the State Department in London, in which the ambassador allegedly described Trump and the US government as “incompetent” and “singularly dysfunctional.” “We do not really expect this government to become more normal, less dysfunctional, less unpredictable, less split, less diplomatically clumsy and awkward,” Darroch wrote in a dispatch. Trump is described as “insecure” and “incompetent” according to the report.

The British Foreign Office has not questioned the authenticity of the endorsements. A spokeswoman said ambassadors were paid “to be honest” and to provide ministers with a “sincere, unvarnished assessment of politics in their country.” Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, however, distanced himself from the ambassador's assessment. The US government remains “most effective under Trump and the best friend of Britain on the international stage”. Darrochs assessments are “personal opinions”. The ministry announced an inquiry into how the contents of the memos could end up in the press.

July 3: If special investigator Mueller says, Trump prefers campaigning in the southern states

US President Donald Trump wants to hold an election campaign on the day Russia Special Rapporteur Robert Mueller speaks at the congress. The speech is scheduled for the evening of July 17 in the state of North Carolina, as Trump's campaign team announced. The president had criticized that the Democrats want to question Mueller. The testimony of the Special Investigator before the Judiciary and Intelligence Committee is eagerly awaited and is likely to become a major media spectacle. Mueller had spent two years against the Trump campaign team and expressly not acquitted the US president of the allegations of judicial disability.

Ivanka Trump at the G20 summit

July 3: Trump rejects criticism of costs for military show +++

US President Donald Trump has rejected criticism of the cost of his planned military show on Independence Day in Washington. They “will be very small compared to what it's worth,” Trump wrote on Twitter. Under the motto “Salute to America”, the president wants to perform on Thursday at the Lincoln Memorial. The exhibition of tanks and overflights of fighter jets are also planned. Critics accuse Trump of politicizing the celebrations and presenting the taxpayer with the bill for the spectacle. Trump continued, “We own the planes, we have the pilots, the airport (Andrews) is right next door, all we need is fuel, we own the tanks and everything.” The fireworks would be paid for by sponsors. “We have the greatest economy in the world, we have the greatest military in the world, not bad!” The total cost of the military show in the US capital are not yet known.

JULY 2: Donald Trump wants to launch “brand new tanks” from 1942 for Independence Day

US President Donald Trump plans to launch tanks at Washington's Independence Day celebrations this Thursday. He will give a speech and fly “the best fighter jets in the world, as well as other aircraft,” Trump said in the White House. “And we'll have some tanks stationed outside.” It's about “brand new” Sherman and Abrams tanks, Trump said. “We'll flaunt some incredible equipment, military equipment.”

“Brand new” Shermans? The capital city press in Washington then noticed that – and amused amiably. “Sherman tanks have not been used since 1957,” journalists at the Washington Post tweeted the status of tanks in the US Army. In fact, the Sherman is a tank that went into mass production in 1942 and was used mainly in World War II. Already during the war, the Sherman was soon inferior to new tank types. The last, modernized copies were finally retired by the Israeli army in 1994.

Trump wants to make a speech at the celebrations on 4 July under the motto “Salute to America” ​​at the Lincoln Memorial, in which he wants to pay tribute to the US military. “We will have a great July 4th in Washington, DC He will be like no one else, he will be special, and I hope many people will come,” said Trump. The Washington Post reported that one of the two Boeing 747s to become the “Air Force One” among the planes to fly over the celebrations is when the President travels to it. Trump had witnessed a military parade in France in 2017 and was so excited that he has since wanted such a parade in Washington. Last year, the plans had failed at the alleged cost of $ 92 million.

June 28: Ex-President Carter: Donald Trump did not win election

Former US President Jimmy Carter believes that Donald Trump has lost the election and is only in power because of Russia's alleged influence. He said there was no doubt that Russia had interfered in the election, said the 94-year-old Democrat on Friday at a panel discussion in Leesburg.

“And I think this interference, while not yet quantified, would show in a full investigation that Trump did not really win the 2016 election,” Carter continued. “He lost the election and came into office because the Russians interfered in his name.”

When presenter Carter asked if he believed Trump was an unlawful president, he said, “Based on what I just said, what I can not take back, I would say yes.”

US intelligence sources accuse Russia of intervening with hacker attacks in the 2016 presidential campaign to help Trump and harm its Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. The intelligence agencies did not state whether this played a role in Trump's electoral victory.

June 26: Trump suspects Twitter conspiracy against himself

US President Donald Trump once again accused the Twitter short message service of censoring him in favor of the Democrats. “They prevent people from following me on Twitter, so it's much harder for me to convey my message,” Trump told Fox Business, looking at the online service. “These people are all democrats, they are totally partial to the Democrats.” Many people would have told him that they could not subscribe to his Twitter channel. “If I announced tomorrow that I would be a nice Democrat, I would have five times more subscribers,” said Trump.

June 26: US Special Agent Mueller will testify to Congress in mid-July

The US special investigator in the Russia affair, Robert Mueller, will testify to Congress in mid-July. Mueller has been summoned and will be questioned by the House Judiciary Committee and Secret Service Committee on July 17, Democratic Committee Chairmen Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff said. The hearings on Mueller's report on alleged interference by Russia in the 2016 US election campaign will therefore be public.

Nadler and Schiff said US citizens wanted to hear “directly” from the Special Investigator what he and his team had investigated, uncovered and discovered. It is about “Russia's attack on our democracy”, the way in which the campaign team of today's President Donald Trump has taken Russian help, and the obstruction of Trump's investigations into Russian interference and its surroundings.

“Russia has attacked our democracy to help Trump win,” Schiff wrote in the short message service Twitter. “Trump welcomed and used this help.” The US citizens would soon hear from Mueller himself. At the end of May, the Special Investigator had made it clear that he really did not want to testify before the congress: he did not think this was “appropriate”, his report spoke “for himself”.

June 25: Stephanie Grisham to be new spokeswoman for Donald Trump

The current spokeswoman for First Lady Melania Trump, Stephanie Grisham, is to become the new spokesperson for US President Donald Trump. Das teilte Melania Trump auf Twitter mit.

Vor anderthalb Wochen war überraschend angekündigt worden, dass Trumps bisherige Sprecherin Sanders das Weiße Haus zum Monatsende verlässt. Sie war wegen ihres oft konfrontativen Auftretens gegenüber Medienvertretern höchst umstritten. Ihr Verhältnis zu einem Großteil der im Weißen Haus akkreditierten Journalisten war angespannt.

Trump aber schätzte die kämpferische Art seiner Sprecherin. Diese beteuerte bei der Ankündigung ihres Abschieds aus dem Weißen Haus erneut ihre Bewunderung für Trump: “Ich liebe den Präsidenten”, sagte sie.

25. Juni: Trump weist Vergewaltigungsvorwurf von Journalistin zurück

US-Präsident Donald Trump hat den Vergewaltigungsvorwurf einer Journalistin erneut zurückgewiesen – und erklärt, die Frau sei nicht “sein Typ”. “Ich werde es mit großem Respekt sagen: Erstens, sie ist nicht mein Typ”, sagte Trump der Politik-Website “The Hill” am Montag über die Kolumnistin E. Jean Carroll. “Zweitens, es ist nie passiert. Es ist nie passiert, okay?” Carroll würde “total lügen”.

Die heute 75-Jährige wirft Trump vor, sie vor über zwei Jahrzehnten in der Umkleidekabine eines New Yorker Kaufhauses vergewaltigt zu haben. Der sexuelle Angriff habe sich 1995 oder 1996 ereignet, schreibt Carroll in ihrem neuen Buch, aus dem das Magazin “New York” vergangene Woche Auszüge veröffentlichte. Damit werfen inzwischen mindestens 16 Frauen Trump sexuelles Fehlverhalten vor seiner Zeit als US-Präsident vor.

Carroll bekräftigte ihre Vorwürfe am Montag im US-Nachrichtensender CNN. “Es war ein Kampf”, sagte sie. Trump reagiere nun auf ihren Vorwurf genau so, wie er auf frühere Vorwürfe anderer Frauen reagiert habe: “Er leugnet es. Er dreht es um. Er greift an. Und er droht.”

Weitere Sanktionen geplant: Trump:

23. Juni: Trump will keinen Krieg mit Iran

US-Präsident Donald Trump ist nach seinen Worten ohne Vorbedingungen zu Gesprächen mit dem Iran bereit. “Ich will keinen Krieg, und wenn es einen gibt, wird es Vernichtung geben, wie man sie vorher nicht gesehen hat”, sagte Trump in einem Interview des US-Senders NBC. “Aber ich will das nicht tun.” An die Adresse der iranischen Führung gerichtet sagte er, sollte sie nicht zu Verhandlungen bereit sein, “könnt Ihr noch lange in einer zerrütteten Wirtschaft leben”. Auf die Frage, ob er Vorbedingungen stelle, antwortete Trump: “Nicht, was mich angeht. Keine Vorbedingungen.”

Trump sagte, sein Ziel sei, dass der Iran dauerhaft über keine Atomwaffen verfüge. Das internationale Atomabkommen mit dem Iran – aus dem die USA im vergangenen Jahr ausgestiegen waren – gewährleiste das nicht. Ein neues Abkommen müsse außerdem vorsehen, dass Inspekteure alle Standorte inspizieren dürften. Außerdem dürfe der Iran keine ballistischen Raketen haben, was das derzeitige Abkommen ebenfalls nicht umfasse. Trump betonte mehrfach, es gehe ihm nicht um Öl.

23. Juni: Nach Drohnenabschuss: USA starten Cyberangriffe auf den Iran

Nach dem Abschuss einer US-Drohne durch den Iran haben amerikanische Streitkräfte einem Medienbericht zufolge einen Cyber-Angriff gegen die iranischen Revolutionsgarden ausgeführt. Die “Washington Post” berichtete am Samstagabend unter Berufung auf informierte Kreise, der Angriff am Donnerstagabend habe Computersystemen der iranischen Revolutionsgarden (IRGC) gegolten, die zum Abschuss und zur Kontrolle von Raketen genutzt würden. US-Präsident Donald Trump habe den Cyber-Angriff genehmigt.

Die IRGC hatten in der Nacht zu Donnerstag eine US-Überwachungsdrohne mit einer Boden-Luft-Rakete abgeschossen. Trump hatte einen für Freitag vorbereiteten Gegenschlag nach seinen Worten wenige Minuten vor dessen Ausführung gestoppt. Die “Washington Post” berichtete nun, das US-Verteidigungsministerium habe den Cyber-Angriff vorgeschlagen, nachdem die USA die IRGC für Attacken auf zwei Öltanker im Golf von Oman Mitte des Monats verantwortlich machten. Der US-Angriff auf die Computersysteme sei über Wochen oder gar Monate vorbereitet worden.

US-Präsident Donald Trump

US-Präsident Donald Trump

Die Zeitung schrieb weiter, der Angriff durch das Cyber-Kommando der US-Streitkräfte habe zwar militärische Kontrollsysteme der Revolutionsgarden im Iran lahmgelegt, aber nicht zu Opfern geführt. Trump hatte einen für vergangenen Freitag geplanten konventionellen Angriff auf den Iran gestoppt, weil er die nach seinen Angaben 150 befürchteten iranischen Todesopfer im Vergleich zum Abschuss eines unbemannten Flugzeugs für unverhältnismäßig hielt.

Die “Washington Post” berichtete, das US-Heimatschutzministerium habe Industrievertreter und Behörden am Samstag davor gewarnt, dass der Iran seine Cyber-Angriffe auf wichtige Branchen wie etwa den Energiesektor verstärkt habe. Der Iran habe das Potenzial, Computersysteme zu stören oder zu vernichten.

22. Juni: Donald Trump dementiert neue Vergewaltigungsvorwürfe

US-Präsident Donald Trump hat Vorwürfe zurückgewiesen, er habe vor 23 Jahren eine Frau in der Umkleidekabine des New Yorker Luxus-Kaufhauses Bergdorf Goodman vergewaltigt. “Ich habe diese Person in meinem Leben nie getroffen”, heißt es in einem Statement Trumps, das vom Weißen Haus verbreitet wurde. “Sie versucht ein neues Buch zu verkaufen – das sollte auf ihre Motivation hinweisen. Es sollte in der Abteilung Fiktion verkauft werden.” Es gebe keine Überwachungsvideos oder Bilder, es gebe keine Aussagen von Verkäufern, die damals zur Stelle gewesen wären, argumentiert Trump. “Ich bedanke mich bei Bergdorf Goodman, dass sie bestätigen, keine Videoaufzeichnungen eines solchen Vorkommnisses zu haben, weil es nie stattgefunden hat”, heißt es in dem Statement weiter.

Die Autorin E.Jean Carroll erhebt in einem Beitrag für das “New York Magazine” schwere Vorwürfe gegen Trump und schildert das angebliche Geschehen detailreich. Trump erwiderte unter anderem: “Falsche Anschuldigungen untergraben die Schwere eines echten Übergriffs.” Trump forderte jedermann dazu auf, eventuelle Erkenntnisse über eine Beteiligung seines politischen Gegners, der US-Demokraten, an den Vorwürfen zu melden.

Trump war wiederholt beschuldigt worden, gegenüber Frauen übergriffig geworden zu sein. Eine ganze Reihe von Verfahren sind bei US-Gerichten anhängig – bisher jedoch ohne Konsequenzen für den Präsidenten. Weltweit Schlagzeilen hatte die ehemalige Pornodarstellerin Stormy Daniels gemacht, die nach ihren Angaben eine Affäre mit Trump hatte. Trump soll ihr und einer weiteren Geliebten im Wahlkampf 2016 Schweigegeld gezahlt haben.

20. Juni: Trumps UN-Nominierte: Klimawandel ist Risiko für Planeten

Die von US-Präsident Donald Trump als UN-Botschafterin nominierte Kelly Craft hat die Bedeutung des Kampfes gegen den Klimawandel hervorgehoben. “Der Klimawandel muss angegangen werden, da er ein echtes Risiko für unseren Planeten darstellt”, sagte Craft am Mittwoch bei einer Anhörung vor dem Senatsausschuss für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten. Über die Einsetzung der 57-Jährigen als UN-Botschafterin will der US-Senat in den kommenden Wochen entscheiden.

Craft erkannte den menschengemachten Klimawandel an, betonte aber auch, dass politische Schritte nicht auf Kosten von US-Arbeitsplätzen gehen dürften. Trump hat sich mehrfach skeptisch darüber geäußert, ob es den Klimawandel gebe und falls ja, ob er menschengemacht sei. Er hat die USA – einen der größten Verursacher von Treibhausgasen weltweit – aus dem internationalen Pariser Klimaschutzabkommen zurückgezogen. Craft sagte dazu, die USA könnten die Debatte über das Klima trotzdem anführen.

Angesichts ihrer Ehe mit Joe Craft, einem milliardenschweren Geschäftsmann aus der Kohleindustrie, versprach Craft, sich aus UN-Gesprächen zum Thema Kohle wegen Befangenheit herauszuhalten. Sie würde sich in solchen Fällen vertreten lassen. Die 57-Jährige witzelte, ihr Ehemann werde wegen ihrer Äußerungen zum Klima vermutlich nach der Anhörung ohne sie nach Hause fahren.

18. Juni: US-Verteidigungsminister Shanahan hört auf – Esper übernimmt

Der geschäftsführende US-Verteidigungsminister Patrick Shanahan will das Pentagon doch nicht auf Dauer leiten. US-Präsident Donald Trump teilte am Dienstag auf Twitter mit, Shanahan wolle den Prozess zur Nominierung als Verteidigungsminister nicht weiter verfolgen und stattdessen seiner Familie mehr Zeit widmen. Der bisherige Verwaltungschef des US-Heeres, Mark Esper, soll kommissarisch das Amt des US-Verteidigungsministers übernehmen.

15. Juni: Donald Trump greift Londons Bürgermeister erneut scharf an

US-Präsident Donald Trump hat erneut zum Verbalangriff auf den Londoner Bürgermeister Sadiq Khan ausgeholt. “London braucht so schnell wie möglich einen neuen Bürgermeister”, schrieb Trump am Samstag im Kurzbotschaftendienst Twitter. “Khan ist eine Katastrophe – es wird nur schlimmer!”

Seinen Kommentar verknüpfte Trump mit einem Beitrag der rechtsgerichteten Kolumnistin Katie Hopkins zur Kriminalität in London. Dort waren binnen 24 Stunden drei Männer getötet worden. Hopkins wird immer wieder Islamfeindlichkeit vorgeworfen; 2015 hatte sie Migranten als “Kakerlaken” bezeichnet.

Die Hand gehört eigentlich nicht an den Hut: Melania Trump (l.) muss bei einem Windstoß nach oben greifen. Der Hut der Queen sitzt hingegen perfekt. Donald Trump bleibt unbeirrt.

Trump hatte Khan, den ersten muslimischen Bürgermeister Londons, bereits zu Beginn seines Staatsbesuchs in Großbritannien Anfang Juni einen “eiskalten Verlierer” genannt. Dieser mache als Bürgermeister sehr schlechte Arbeit.

Khan hatte den pompösen Empfang Trumps bei dem Staatsbesuch kritisiert, woraufhin Trump twitterte, der Bürgermeister solle sich “auf die Kriminalität in London konzentrieren, nicht auf mich”.

13. Juni: Sarah Sanders: Sprecherin von Donald Trump scheidet aus dem Amt

Die Sprecherin des Weißen Hauses, Sarah Sanders, scheidet aus dem Amt. US-Präsident Donald Trump teilte bei Twitter mit, seine “wunderbare” Sprecherin werde Ende Juni zurücktreten. Sie wolle in ihren Heimatstaat Arkansas zurückkehren.

Sanders, die Tochter des republikanischen Politikers und Präsidentschaftsbewerbers Mike Huckabee, war nach turbulenten Monaten auf Sean Spicer als Sprecherin des Weißen Hauses gefolgt. Sie gilt als umstritten. Die früher üblichen täglichen Briefings von Journalisten in der US-Hauptstadt fanden zuletzt kaum noch statt. Sanders fiel durch ihre nach außen fast bedingslose Loyalität zu Trump auf.

Sanders war schon im Wahlkampf für Trump unterwegs. Im Weißen Haus begann sie nicht vor dreieinhalb Jahren, wie Trump schreibt, sondern mit Beginn von Trumps Amtszeit im Januar 2017.

Im Juli 2017 war sie dann als Sprecherin des Weißen Hauses auf Spicer gefolgt, der das Handtuch geworfen hatte. Sanders war davor Spicers Vertreterin.

Donald Trump, Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders seit Juli 2017 Sprecherin von US-Präsident Donald Trump

8. Juni: Trump verkündet Einigung mit Mexiko im Migrationsstreit

US-Präsident Donald Trump hat eine Einigung mit Mexiko im Migrationsstreit verkündet. Die ab Montag geplanten US-Strafzölle auf mexikanische Importe seien vorerst vom Tisch, schrieb Trump am Freitag im Kurzbotschaftendienst Twitter. Mexiko habe im Gegenzug zugesagt, entschieden gegen die illegale Einwanderung über die Grenze in die USA vorzugehen, um diese “stark zu reduzieren oder zu beenden”. Mit den angedrohten Zöllen wollte Trump das Nachbarland dazu zwingen, härter gegen die illegale Einwanderung vorzugehen. Die Strafzölle hätten für die mexikanische Wirtschaft potenziell verheerende Auswirkungen gehabt: Das Land liefert 80 Prozent seiner Exporte in die USA.

Die Zahl der illegal über die US-Südgrenze gelangenden Menschen hatte in den vergangenen Monaten deutlich zugenommen. Dabei handelt es sich meist um Migranten aus El Salvador, Guatemala und Honduras, die vor Armut und Gewalt in ihren Ländern flüchten und oft in großen Gruppen reisen. Die meisten dieser Migranten beantragen nach Überqueren der US-Grenze Asyl.

7. Juni: Bezeichnet Trump den Mond als Teil des Mars'?

Mutmaßlich wird er es so nicht gemeint haben, aber so wie es da geschrieben steht, liest es sich, als würde Donald Trump den Mond für einen Teil des Mars halten. In einem Tweet vom Freitagmorgen Washingtoner Ortszeit schreibt der US-Präsident wörtlich: “Bei all dem Geld, das wir ausgeben, soll die Nasa nicht davon sprechen, zum Mond zu fliegen. Das haben wir schon vor 50 Jahren gemacht. Wir sollten uns auf viel größere Dinge fokussieren, inklusive Mars (von dem der Mond ein Teil ist), Verteidigung und Forschung.” Anlass für den Tweet war die Ankündigung der US-Weltraumagentur sich für die kommerzielle Nutzung zu öffnen. Erst vergangenen Monat hatte Trump geschrieben, das seine Regierung die “Größe der Nasa wiederbeleben” wolle. “Wir kehren zum Mond zurück und fliegen dann zum Mars”. Eine Reise zum Mars vom Mond aus, wird von Experten bevorzugt, da auf diese Weise Energie und Zeit gespart werden kann. Möglicherweise meinte Trump also den Mond als Teil des Mars-Projekts.

6. Juni: Bericht: Pelosi will Trump “im Gefängnis” sehen

US-Oppositionschefin Nancy Pelosi soll bei einem internen Treffen der Demokraten gesagt haben, dass sie Präsident Donald Trump am liebsten “im Gefängnis” sehen würde. Die US-Website “Politico” zitierte Pelosi mit den Worten: “Ich will kein Amtsenthebungsverfahren gegen ihn sehen, ich will ihn im Gefängnis sehen.”

Diese Äußerung machte die Anführerin der Demokraten im Repräsentantenhaus dem Bericht zufolge am Dienstag bei einer Sitzung mit Ausschussvorsitzenden. Dort habe sie sich gegen die Forderung des Vorsitzenden des Justizausschusses, Jerry Nadler, gewehrt, eine Untersuchung zur Vorbereitung eines Amtsenthebungsverfahrens einzuleiten.

Die von “Politico” zitierte Äußerung Pelosis entspricht ihrer bisherigen Haltung, dass nicht der Kongress im Rahmen des sogenannten Impeachment-Prozederes, sondern die Wähler im kommenden Jahr darüber entscheiden sollen, ob Trump im Amt bleibt oder nicht. Sie setzt demnach darauf, dass bei einer Abwahl Trumps im November 2020 die Strafjustiz gegen ihn vorgeht. Gegen amtierende Präsidenten kann laut der geltenden Verfassungsauslegung des US-Justizministeriums keine Anklage erhoben werden.

Video geht viral: US-Politikerin Nancy Pelosi lallt betrunken während einer Veranstaltung – das steckt dahinter

6. Juni: Mehrheit der Amerikaner glaubt an Trumps Wiederwahl

Zweite Amtszeit für US-Präsident Donald Trump? Auf die Frage, wer wohl bei der Wahl 2020 das Rennen machen wird, gaben 54 Prozent der kürzlich vom US-Institut SSRS befragten Amerikaner an, dass sie mit Trump rechnen. 41 Prozent glauben nicht, dass er gewinnen wird.

Noch im Dezember 2018 hatte die vom US-Sender CNN in Auftrag gegebene Studie ein anderes Bild gezeichnet: Damals glaubten 51 Prozent der Befragten nicht, dass Trump auf eine zweite Amtszeit zusteuert.

Interessant: Die gleiche Studie hatte es auch vor einer möglichen zweiten Amtszeit von Barack Obama gegeben. Im Mai 2011 rechnete demnach nur die Hälfte der Teilnehmer damit, dass er wiedergewählt wird.

4. Juni: Trump ignoriert Rechnung der Stadt El Paso für einen Wahlkampfauftritt

El Paso, Texas. Donald Trump müsste eigentlich alles dafür tun, dass er in der texanischen Stadt gut angesehen wird. Denn El Paso liegt nicht nur direkt an der Grenze zu Mexiko, die 690.000-Einwohner-Stadt bildet mit der mexikanischen Ciudad Juarez praktisch eine Doppelstadt. Die Mauer zu Mexiko, eines der Hauptanliegen Trump'scher Politik, zieht sich hier bereits entlang des Flussbetts des Rio Grande (oder Rio Bravo, wie die Mexikaner sagen) sozusagen mitten durchs Stadtgebiet – zumindest Grenzbefestigungen, die einer Mauer nahe kommen. In diesem Fall womöglich nicht ganz unbegründet, gilt Juarez doch als eine der gewalttätigsten Städte Mexikos, die durch eine mysteriöse Frauenmordserie seit Beginn der 1990er-Jahre mit mehreren hundert Opfern zu zweifelhaftem Weltruhm gelangte.

Das alles spielt für Donald Trump aber offenbar keine Rolle. Zwar ließ er sich im Februar in El Paso von seinen Fans mit “Finish the wall”-Rufen bejubeln, auf den Kosten für die Wahlkampfveranstaltung im County Coliseum und den nötigen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen lässt er die Steuerzahler – und mithin auch his Wähler – bisher aber sitzen. Wie zahlreiche US-Medien berichten, sollte die “Donald J. Trump for President Inc.” laut einer Rechnung vom 27. März bis zum 26. April 470.000 Dollar bezahlen – darunter Kosten für die Luftfahrtbehörde, Feuerwehr, Polizei, das Gesundheitsamt, die Straßenbehörde und den öffentlichen Nahverkehr.

Gezahlt hat die Gesellschaft bisher keinen Cent. Die Stadt hat daher schon eine Mahnung verschickt, in der eine Versäumnisgebühr von 21 Prozent erhoben worden sein soll. Das würde die Kosten nochmal um knapp 100.000 Dollar steigern. Beglichen wurde die Rechnung immer noch nicht. Aus gutem Grund, wie ein Sprecher von Trumps Wahlkampfteam sagt. “Seit 2015 haben wir rund 550 Veranstaltungen überall im Land gemacht, und diese Rechnung ist rund zehn Mal höher als ansonsten üblich”, zitiert “ABC News” Michael Glassner. Man werde die Rechnung weiter prüfen, sagt er.

Ganz von der Hand zu weisen, scheint die Beschwerde des Trump-Sprechers nicht. Beto O'Rourke, der sich darum bewirbt, als Kandidat der Demokraten bei der nächsten Präsidentschaftswahl gegen Trump anzutreten, startete im März in El Paso seine Kampagne. Die Gesellschaft “Beto for Amercia” machte gleich eine Anzahlung von 7600 Dollar und beglich die städtische Rechnung fristgerecht und vollständig. Allerdings: Dem Demokraten stellte die Kommune nur gut 28.600 Dollar in Rechnung. El Paso ist O'Rourkes Heimatstadt.

3. Juni: Trump mal ohne Haartolle

Ist es ein neuer Stil oder ein nur von der Baseball-Mütze plattgedrückter Schopf? US-Präsident Donald Trump hat bei einem Besuch einer Kirche im US-Bundesstaat Virginia mit einer ungewohnten Frisur die Blicke auf sich gezogen. Trump nahm in Vienna an einem Gottesdienst für die Opfer des Amoklaufs in Virginia Beach teil. Seine markante Vordach-Tolle war allerdings verschwunden. Stattdessen trug Trump die goldblonde Pracht nach hinten gekämmt. Aber die Aufregung legte sich so schnell, wie Haare unter einer Mütze: Schon Stunden später erschien der Präsident wieder mit gewohntem Look und auch bei seiner Ankunft zu seinem Staatsbesuch in London saß die Frisur wieder perfekt.

US-Präsident Donald Trump mit seiner neuen Frisur

US-Präsident Donald Trump mit seiner neuen Frisur

The broadcast of July 30

After the burqa ban also a headscarf ban?

On Thursday the partial ban on face covering clothing will start in the Netherlands. In hospitals, government buildings, schools and public transport you are not allowed to wear anything that (almost) completely covers your face.

The prohibition is a major dilemma for Muslim women who wear a burqa or nikab. They often do not want to take off their face cover from religious convictions, but they also cannot live without care, education or public transport.

Other countries have already introduced a similar ban. In Denmark that happened last year. Nieuwsuur watched how the ban has been implemented there so far. The discussion there appears to be a step further: should the headscarf now also be banned?

What is it like to wear a burqa? And what are the pros and cons of the burqa ban? See the special below.

More than 160 environmental defenders killed in 2018 (NGOs)

At least 164 environmental activists fighting against mining, forestry or agro-industrial projects were killed in 2018, according to the annual report of the NGO Global Witness.

According to the report released on Tuesday, “countless” others have been silenced around the world by violence, intimidation and the use or misuse of anti-protest laws.

The country by far the most dangerous last year for these activists and indigenous leaders defending their land was the Philippines, with 30 murders, the NGO said.

Colombia and India counted 24 and 23 dead in 2018. With 16 confirmed murders, Guatemala is the country with the most deaths compared to the number of inhabitants.

“This is a phenomenon that can be seen around the world: environmental and land advocates, many of whom are indigenous peoples' representatives, are considered terrorists, thugs or criminals for defending their rights, “the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Vicky Tauli-Corpuz, denounced in the report.

“This violence represents a crisis for human rights but also a threat for all those who depend on a stable climate,” she added.

The death toll is down from 2017, the deadliest year with 207 deaths, but Global Witness notes that the number could be underestimated, not least because some events are happening in very remote places.

The most deadly event reported by the NGO in 2018 took place in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, where it claims that 13 people were killed after a demonstration against a copper mine.

At least eight militants involved in land disputes with representatives of the soybean industry were killed in 2018 in the Brazilian state of Para alone, according to the NGO.

In the Philippines, which has taken Brazil's place as the deadliest country, nine sugar cane growers, including women and children, who were shot dead by gunmen on the island of Negros, says Global Witness added that the lawyer representing the families of the victims was killed a few days later.

While the UN Climate Panel (Giec) is due to publish a report on land use next week that should highlight the importance of indigenous peoples in nature protection, the NGO denounces also a “worrying trend” towards intimidation and imprisonment of environmentalists.

The report also denounces the role of investors, including development banks, in controversial projects, and names by name some companies accused of facilitating rights violations.

“It is not enough for multinationals tied to land confiscations to plead ignorance,” he insists. “They have a responsibility to ensure preemptively that the land they benefit from has been legally rented, with the consent of the communities who have been living there for generations.”

United States: Trump puts the Fed under pressure

US President Donald Trump on Monday stressed pressure on the Federal Reserve (Fed) on the eve of a monetary policy meeting that it is assumed that it will lead to a rate cut that the White House tenant insufficient advance.

Protests in Moscow: This showed the Russian state television, as thousands went to the streets

Up to 10,000 people took to the streets in Moscow last Saturday. They protested against the exclusion of key opposition candidates from the regional election in the Russian capital in six weeks. The police arrived with a large contingent. The officials arbitrarily ripped people from the crowd and dragged them into buses. Every hour, the number of those arrested rose. In the end there were more than 1300 arrests. Internationally triggered the brutal police use outrage. Human rights organization Amnesty International said the security forces' crackdown on the opposition has reached an “absurd level”.

But who switched on the Russian state television on Saturday, learned about it as good as nothing. The big stations, the main source of information in Russia, instead showed a colorful entertainment program. The most popular channel Perwyj Kanal celebrated the ninetieth birthday of actor Vasily Shukhin and showed two of his films. The news broadcast at 12 noon did not say a word about the protests in Moscow. The most important topic: The upcoming Marine Parade in Saint Petersburg on July 28th. In addition: New laws signed by Putin, which, among other things, tightened the penalties for blocking ambulances. Another topic, which was honored with a detailed contribution, was the so-called plogging – an eco-friendly fitness trend, which spreads in Moscow. Here, the jogging is combined with garbage collection (here the news program to look up).

Putin in the submarine held protests in Moscow

The state broadcaster Rossija 1 showed a feature film at the time of the protests – a romantic comedy entitled “Unpleasant Love”. And on the Gazprom-controlled channel NTW ran the game show “Own Game”, the Russian equivalent of the American television program “Jeopardy!”

Numerous videos document Russian police violence against anti-government protesters

The state news channel Rossiya 24 did indeed show news, but nothing was said about the protests and arrests in Moscow. Instead, Putin could be watched as he dived into the Baltic Sea in a Soviet submarine. The victory of Russian swimmer Andrei Minakov in the World Cup final in South Korea was also announced. Also widely discussed: the day of the baptism of the Rus. This holiday was introduced in 2008 in Ukraine and in 2010 in Russia to commemorate the Kiev Grand Duke Vladimir, who had been baptized on July 28, 988 by Byzantine rite and declared Christianity the state religion. Also, the weekend program in Moscow was worth an eight-minute contribution. “In the capital there is great weather today, best time for a walk,” said the moderator, while in Moscow hundreds of people were arrested.

Only in the evening did Pervyj Kanal report on the protests in a few sentences. The “unauthorized demonstration” had come to no serious incidents, was the conclusion here.

The broadcast of July 29

Samos flooded with refugees

Refugees in Italy have received much attention in recent months. In the meantime, the number of refugees in Greece is increasing again. Almost twenty thousand asylum seekers are now stuck on the islands. Almost all people who have arrived in the past year. Europe correspondent Saskia Dekkers was on the island of Samos, where she secretly filmed the living conditions of the refugees.

Quarrel at the Forum for Democracy increasingly grim

Former FvD member and co-founder of Forum for Democracy Henk Otten wants his old party to publish an overview of all payments from the party fund. The former treasurer was kicked out of the party on Wednesday because he allegedly committed fraud. He has since intensified the attack on the party and leader Thierry Baudet. The mud throwing over and over again continues.