Stella McCartney, LVMH boss advisor, pleads for the planet

British designer Stella McCartney called on the fashion world to “wake up” and help save the planet on Monday after her first fashion show as a personal advisor to LVMH boss Bernard Arnault.

“The world is calling for change and it is our duty to act now,” said the designer, one of the pioneers of ethical fashion.

The top Kaia Gerber at the Stella McCartney show in Paris, September 30, 2019 (AFP - Thomas SAMSON)

The top Kaia Gerber at the Stella McCartney show in Paris, September 30, 2019 (AFP – Thomas SAMSON)

“We are not perfect (…) and like all companies, we are part of the problem,” she admitted.

These statements come a few days after criticism by the parton LVMH Bernard Arnault, second richest man in the world, against the face of the climate Greta Thunberg.

While LVMH, which owns notably Dior, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy launched its campaign for the environment, Mr. Arnault estimated that the young Swede indulged in an “absolute catastrophism on the evolution of the world”.

Stella McCartney Fashion Show in Paris, September 30, 2019 (AFP - Thomas SAMSON)

Stella McCartney Fashion Show in Paris, September 30, 2019 (AFP – Thomas SAMSON)

“This has a demoralizing effect for young people, it offers nothing, if not to criticize,” said Arnault Wednesday during an event where Stella McCartney also spoke.

The designer has become Mr. Arnault's personal advisor on sustainable development since entering the brand in July, of which Stella McCartney remains the majority shareholder.

LVMH is considered to be lagging behind the environment in comparison to its main competitor Kering (Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen).

Stella McCartney Fashion Show in Paris, September 30, 2019 (AFP - Thomas SAMSON)

Stella McCartney Fashion Show in Paris, September 30, 2019 (AFP – Thomas SAMSON)

Last week, Kering said it had become carbon neutral and halved its supply chain greenhouse gas emissions in five years.

LVMH refused to partner with Kering to sign the “Fashion Pact” at the G7 summit in August.

Kering owned half of the Stella McCartney brand until she bought it last year.

Sustainability “is the future of fashion, not just a trend,” said Stella McCartney in a note of intent for her Paris fashion show.

Vegetarian, the designer has never used fur, leather, skins, feathers or animal glue since the launch of her brand in 2001.

Did Boris Johnson grope women in the 90s? He argues

Is there more trouble surrounding British Prime Minister Boris Johnson besides the Brexit annoyance? The head of government is confronted with the charge of having sexually harassed a journalist.

Charlotte Edwardes of the prestigious Sunday Times reported that Johnson had groped her at a lunch some 20 years ago. Back then, she worked as a reporter for the political magazine “The Spectator” and repeatedly witnessed the “backroom accidents of the political class”, wrote the 45-year-old. Editor of the magazine at the time: Boris Johnson, then in his late thirties and married since 1993.

Boris Johnson rejected charges

At the meal with several participants, she had sat to the right of her supervisor, it was “a lot of wine” flowed. “Beneath the table, I feel Johnson's hand on my thigh and he pushes it,” says the journalist. “His hand is high on my leg, he has my flesh between his fingers, so I suddenly have to sit upright.” She did not fight. “That's work, so I'm silent,” her thoughts had been. In the later conversation with Johnson's neighbor on the left, she said, “Oh, God, he did the same to me.”

From 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, was said by a government spokesman: “The claim is wrong.”

A statement that strongly contradicts Charlotte Edwardes: “If the Prime Minister can not remember the incident, then clearly I have a better memory than him,” she added.

Unexpected escorting received the journalist from Johnson's Health Minister Matt Hancock. He said in an interview that he “knows her and knows she is believable”. Ex-minister of labor and Johnson critic Amber Rudd agreed with Hancock via Twitter: “I agree with him.”

From the Labor spokeswoman for women and equality came drastic words in the direction of Johnson. The story of Edward is a “shocking, but unfortunately too familiar story,” she wrote on Twitter. “Boris Johnson has to answer serious questions.”

Boris Johnson, however, still has to contend with another charge. It's about a potential abuse of office in his time Mayor of London (2008 to 2016). He had nothing to explain, he said when asked by BBC presenter Andrew Marr if he had stated his friendship with American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri when she received funding from the City of London. The city council had forwarded the case to the police for review, and it is now to decide whether to investigate.

Sources: “Sunday Times,” 4 News, “Huffington Post,” news agency DPA

Criticism of hard language, but Prime Minister Johnson does not shrink

They were harsh words in the British Parliament this week. “Humbug”, or nonsense, was the British Prime Minister's response to the deep concerns expressed by an opposition member. A bill from the opposition obliging him to request a new postponement of the Brexit without a deal after October 19 was characterized by Boris Johnson as “surrender to Brussels”. A word that reminds many Britons of the use of language from the dark period in the run-up to the Second World War.

Johnson was thrown at that today by Andrew Marr, BBC political reporter. But Johnson did not take a word back, even though there were complaints that the harsh language had even led to threats from citizens against politicians.

Watch a fragment of the parliamentary debate and Prime Minister Johnson's response in the BBC interview below.

Rain or shine: Dylan (28) wants us to go into nature more often

“It is often nice weather when you are outside”, we read on Dylan's blog. The 28-year-old Hagenees is an ex-indoor person and wants to convince people to go into nature with the # 2 hour nature challenge.

“During my internship I was sitting in front of a computer 40 hours a week. I have now discovered how nice it is to be outside,” says Dylan. “I wish others that too.”

That you get happy from going outside is not only evident from Dylan's personal experience. British research shows that people who spend at least two hours a week in nature appreciate their lives better.

Most Dutch people just don't get there: on average, they spend 115 minutes in nature every week. The 18- to 34-year-olds reach 83 minutes and therefore bring the average down considerably.

Reason for the Institute for Nature Education (IVN) to start the # 2 hour nature challenge. With this they try to entice people to exchange the living room for the outdoors.

Dylan is one of the ambassadors of the challenge and took us in the pouring rain:

The concern of Norman farmers affected by the consequences of the Lubrizol fire

“We are worried about the harvests especially, if the analyzes are not good, it would be the worst case scenario”: like Aline, who runs a dairy farm in Normandy, farmers are worried after the fire of Lubrizol chemical plant in Rouen.

50 km north-east of the accident site in Conteville (Seine-Maritime), Aline Catoir shows her dismay after the milking of her 60 dairy cows.

“Yesterday evening (Saturday), around 9 pm, we had the order to throw the milk.We had three days of stock as usual, the milkman had to spend last night.So we threw more than 5.000 liters of milk: the production three days in the slurry tank, “she sighs, showing the spilled liquid.

On Thursday, the prefecture of Seine-Maritime asked “farmers not to harvest their production pending further clarification” in the name of the precautionary principle.

“There, everyone respects the prefectural will to postpone harvests for a few days, but we will not be able to wait very long,” warns the 35-year-old farmer.

S├ębastien Catoir also wonders about the perimeter of “freezing” of crops selected by the authorities. “One wonders how the area was defined, we are there, but I know people who are not in the list who had roofs of cars that were black! This poses some questions,” he says. . The prefecture said Saturday that 112 municipalities in the department, which may have been affected by the black cloud, were concerned with the “freezing” of crops.

According to Patrice Faucon, president of the FNSEA Seine-Maritime, “anxiety is predominant because everything is blocked: the eggs are not collected, the milk is not collected … It's complicated”, plague-t- he.

“We do not really know the material that burned” during the fire of the chemical plant, he told AFP, before announcing that the agricultural union would file a complaint against X at the prosecutor's office of Rouen and would become a civil party to have access to the file.

– question on compensation –

In Longuerue, another small village typical of the Normandy countryside, Guillaume Leroy, whose exploitation has a surface of 160 hectares (drilling, wheat, barley and rapeseed) and which takes care of 140 dairy cows, remembers the day of Thursday.

“We had especially the smells that came around 9 o'clock in the morning, then we quickly became aware of the soot and so on.They probably were there before but they became blatant around 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning “he recalls.

“We realized that it could be harmful, what is it going to give our flocks, our crops, it's a big, big question mark,” he adds.

The farmer is also particularly worried about corn. “You have to know that it's 70% of the diet of my cows, so if I can not harvest I will not know what to do.”

For many farmers, who have already had to deal with the hassle and losses associated with this year's drought, there is the question of the amount of damage and the question of compensation.

“They impose a lot of things on the principle of precaution, it makes sense: we are there to feed people, not to poison them! But we suffer a prejudice for which we are in no way responsible and what the administration represents costs “, explains Jocelyn Pesqueux, president of the dairy section (FDSEA) of the department.

Donald Trump in attack mode: “Democrats want to take everything away from you”

OT Donald Trump:

“It's all very simple: you're trying to stop me because I'm fighting for you, and I'll never let that happen.”

With this video message Donald Trump tries to convince the Americans of his innocence.

The Ukraine affair and the possible impeachment of the Democrats leave the US president in attack mode.

He uses a usual sharp rhetoric.

OT Donald Trump:

“What's going on right now is the biggest scam in American politics history, Democrats want to take away your weapons, they want to take your health insurance, they want to take your vote away, they want to take your freedom away, they want you We want to take your judges away, they want to take everything away from us, we can never let that happen, we fight against the corrupt swamp, that's what I do, you see, why I have to do it, it's all very simple, you try me because I'm fighting for you, and I'll never let that happen. “

The investigations required for the impeachment have already been initiated by the Democrats.

However, the Senate, where Trump's Republicans have the majority, would decide on actual impeachment.

Trump is accused of using the power of his office to make Ukraine interfere in his favor in the US 2020 election.

After a turbulent week in the affair of possible US President power abuse, Donald Trump has returned to attack mode.

If euthanasia is not allowed and 'perish' is the only way out for your child

Jolanda's daughter dies in the same way, one day before her ninth birthday. “Dagmar was severely disabled. She could not speak, had very severe epilepsy and did not respond to medication. The last few years of her life, I really suffered from life.”

Dagmar also has serious gastrointestinal problems. Every diet is torture for her. Her parents want her agony to end after years. “I feel I have told the doctor very often and very clearly that it really was no longer possible. But it never got across the table.”

At a certain moment Jolanda tells the doctor that she is going to phase out the feeding for Dagmar. He tacitly agrees, but cannot mean anything else. “I received little support, the doctor left it completely with me. I find that very poignant, for the doctor, for myself and for Dagmar.”

After the power supplies have been completely stopped, it will take more than two weeks for Dagmar to die. A very difficult period for Jolanda and her family. “I really don't want anyone to do that. What that emotionally does to you, that you are responsible for your child not being here anymore, you can't do that.”

Are Christian and Islamic schools of this time?

The Dutch article 23 of the constitution is under attack. This article regulates the freedom of education, in other words: the freedom to set up a school on the basis of religion or belief. The majority of Dutch primary and secondary students go to such a 'special' school, where 'Protestant-Christian' or 'Montessori' for example is written on the facade.

There is actually always discussion about the freedom of education. Because why wouldn't you teach everyone the same education? Zeki Arslan, education specialist in the field of ethnic minorities, said in a hearing in the House of Representatives that Article 23 has been fun and has meant a lot for emancipation for certain population groups. “But for newcomers, it is gradually starting to have a restrictive effect.”

“Very undesirable”

By that he means that, as a result of the freedom of education, there is often already a separation between groups of children in primary school. According to him, there are already “mono-ethnic schools”, “where disadvantaged students are and where no teacher wants to stand in front of the class”.

“I would find it very undesirable if my grandchild has prejudices because he has never been able to play with your grandchild. I would find it very annoying if my grandchild could never invite your grandchild for his birthday. Education is the most important tool to ensure that our children meet and learn to interact. “

Anyone can start a school in the Netherlands. Why and how sacred does that principle remain? We explain it to you.

Greta's “Catastrophism”: Vivienne Westwood designer attacks LVMH boss

The creator of the British brand Vivienne Westwood, a pioneer of eco-friendly fashion, on Saturday in Paris attacked the powerful boss of LVMH Bernard Arnault who recently criticized the “catastrophism” of the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

“The attitude of the + business as usual + does not work anymore,” Andreas Kronthaler told AFP behind the scenes after the parade of his house. “We sit on a volcano and the time is limited (…) It's crazy what we do, it's obvious that fashion is a big polluter”.

He was reacting to the comments of the richest man in the world of fashion and second world fortune who said this week that the Swedish climate was “utterly catastrophic about the evolution of the world”.

“It has a demoralizing side for young people, it offers nothing, if not to criticize,” said Wednesday Mr. Arnault. “The result is stopping growth, which has helped to improve world living standards, reduce poverty, improve health in countries like Africa. go back, stop growth, “he added.

Andreas Kronthaler, a creator of Austrian origin, a companion of Vivienne Westwood, believes that the Western world is waking up thanks to Greta Thunberg.

“This girl is remarkable and we should thank her,” said this long-time environmental activist like Vivienne Westwood.

The latter had previously told AFP she only took a bath once a week to save water.

The top Bella Hadid closed the fashion show with an elegant collection designed mainly with “fabrics left behind by the best Italian factories”.

Westwood and Kronthaler are leaders in the “reduce, reuse, rethink” movement, and buy scrap fabrics or unsold stock to make their collections.

After migrant influx: Athens brings hundreds of refugees to the mainland

In order to relieve the crowded refugee camps in the Greek islands in the east of the Aegean, the government in Athens has brought well over 350 migrants to the mainland.

Hundreds of other migrants were to be brought to Piraeus on Monday to the mainland, reported the state television (ERT).

On the previous day, Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos had stated on television that the increase in the number of refugees from Turkey to Greece was taking on “the dimensions of a national crisis”.

By April, the number of migrants living on the islands had dropped to 14,000. Since then, however, more and more migrants have come. According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 8103 migrants arrived on the islands in August. On the islands of Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos currently wait almost 30,000 migrants. This is the highest number since the entry into force of the EU-Turkey Refugee Pact in March 2016.

The Refugee Pact between the EU and Turkey stipulates that the EU can send back all refugees and migrants who come to the Greek islands illegally via Turkey. Due to staff shortages, however, the processing of asylum applications is slow in the Greek islands.