After the G20, Trump ready to impose new taxes on

US President Donald Trump said he was ready Monday to impose new tariffs on Chinese products if he failed to make progress in the trade talks he intends to have with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the summit. G20 at the end of the month.

Since last month's failed talks in Washington, Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he expects to meet with the Chinese president on June 28-29 at the G20 summit in Osaka.

Beijing does not confirm the meeting yet

China has not confirmed for the moment such a meeting. At a press briefing on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the information would be released as soon as his ministry was informed. “China does not want a trade war, but does not fear a trade war,” he added.

Beijing is open to negotiations on an equitable basis, he said, but “if the United States only wants an escalation of trade tensions, we will respond with determination and we will fight to the end.”

The US president said Monday, in comments to reporters, he still thought he would meet Xi Jinping at the summit. “We are planning to talk and meet, I think things are going to be interesting, let's see what happens,” he told reporters at the White House.

The conflict escalates

Tensions between Washington and Beijing rose a notch last month when the United States accused China of backtracking in trade talks that had been going on for several months.

On May 10, Washington increased tariffs on the equivalent of $ 200 billion of goods from China to 25 percent and threatened to expand tariffs on an additional $ 300 billion of Chinese imports. China responded by raising tariffs on a revised $ 60 billion list of US goods.

The trade dispute has also spread to the field of technology, the United States has put the Chinese group Huawei on a blacklist that prevents it from doing business with US companies.

In an interview with CNBC, Donald Trump said Monday that the conflict around Huawei could be resolved as part of a global trade deal with Beijing. The US president also said he was ready to impose new tariffs on Chinese imports if no agreement was reached at the G20 summit at the end of the month. “If we do not agree, you will see a rise in tariffs,” he said.

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