Alert triggered in Mexico after a spike in pollution, semi-final postponed

Mexico City triggered an environmental alert on Tuesday and postponed the semi-finals of the Division 1 football championship, as a cloud of pollution has enveloped the megacity for four days.

A series of fires on the outskirts of the city with 20 million inhabitants, combined with adverse weather conditions, caused the formation of this thick gray cloud that partially obscures the buildings.

The alert threshold of the air quality index was exceeded, forcing the authorities to announce Tuesday measures.

“The emergency emergency plan for the environment was activated because of the presence of particles,” said the city's environmental commission in a statement.

The authorities are asking residents to avoid any outdoor physical activity, elderly people or those with respiratory illnesses to stay at home, and schools not to bring children out during recess.

Starting on Wednesday, alternate traffic will be put in place, and some polluting industries will have to reduce their emissions by 30 to 40%.

Following the city authorities' recommendations, the Mexican football league has announced the postponement of a day of the first leg of the closing tournament of the division 1 championship, which was to oppose Wednesday club America to that of Leon.

Firefighters had to fight more than twenty forest fires on the outskirts of the capital in recent days. The lack of wind, high atmospheric pressure and the absence of rain favored poor air quality.

Mexico City is often subject to pollution peaks, the dissipation of gaseous pollutants being complicated by the mountain range that surrounds it.

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