Also rugbyers and skaters benefit from concussion poli of KNVB

The KNVB continues to accompany footballers who have suffered a concussion on the field. With that, the football association gives a follow-up to last year's test. Then the union opened a concussion clinic for football players with long-term complaints.

The poli clearly meets a need, says the KNVB. Seventy athletes used it in the past year. Not only footballers, but also rugbyers and skaters.

In general, athletes react positively to the program, says sports doctor Edwin Goedhart. “You can not make everyone better, but a large number of people now have fewer complaints, and some are even free of complaints.”

Goedhart: “We get better insight from the athletes into what works and what does not happen in the case of concussions, so if we have properly mapped it, we can give that back to doctors and people on the sports fields.”

The story of former professional Rianne Schorel

The KNVB clinic came too late for Rianne Schorel. When she played in the first of ADO Den Haag in 2007, she got a ball wrong on her head and suffered a concussion. Rianne played the game, but was no longer the old and even had to stop playing football.

To save others from what happened to her, she started a brain training center with her twin sister. Watch her story in the video below:

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