Amazon: indigenous people “indignant” by autopsy results of a cacique

An indigenous rights organization on Monday expressed “outright indignation” after the police published preliminary results of an autopsy of a Waiapi chief in northern Amazon that excludes an assassination.

“We received with total indignation” the results of the autopsy after “the death of the cacique Emyra Waiapi”, which “ignores the indications of assassination (and)” suggests a drowning, “said the Coordination of Indigenous Peoples of the Brazil (APIB) in a statement released Monday.

“No traumatic injury that could have led to death (end of July) was found,” police said Friday, awaiting the results of toxicological examinations within 30 days. The autopsy “strongly suggests that drowning is the cause of Emyra Waiapi's death,” the police said.

The natives had said that the cacique had been killed during the violent intrusion of some fifty miners, “garimpeiros”, in their village of Mariry, in Amapa state (north), located 200 kilometers from the border with French Guiana.

The APIB invokes testimonies of natives supporting this thesis and deplores “attempts to discredit the word of the Waiapi people (…), from a federal government anti-indígène”.

Right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro has said he favors the expansion of agro-trading and mining activities in indigenous reserves and other protected areas.

Coordination requires “serious and responsible investigations, to avoid a war and that the blood does not flow more”. “No more a single drop of blood!” Claims the APIB.

Asked for a reaction by AFP, the federal police had not responded late afternoon.

The Waiapi live in a remote area of ​​the Amazon rich in gold, manganese, iron and copper, which has been coveted for years.

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