Another 10 years as captain or mechanic: “Am I getting my pension?”

They are both still in their fifties, but are already worried about whether they will achieve their pension in a healthy way. Eric Bocken (59) works as a signal engineer for Strukton and Rudolf Roozendaal (57) as a captain on small sea-going vessels. Just like many other people with heavy professions, they are trapped, because stopping earlier is not an option for them.

Whether at night or during the day, in the wind or rain, the Limburg Bocken is often kneeling for hours on the track for maintenance of the coils. Or he climbs with heavy climbing reins around the mast to change signal lights along the track. “Stooping, kneeling, walking, ballast uneven, that makes it heavy. I am starting to get problems with my hips, my thighs. And the knees start too.”

When he comes home, he feels “there are stings everywhere”. He would prefer to quit work faster. “That I can do a little more in my old age, right? I don't want to be home with all kinds of complaints.”

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