Austria's Justice investigates ex-employee of Chancellor Kurz for data destruction

The suspect had a few days after the announcement of the affair to former Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) destroy a disk from the Chancellery, reported the “Kurier” newspaper. The suspect was questioned by the police on Thursday. His apartment was also searched.

Destruction a few days before vote of no confidence against Sebastian Kurz

The ex-employee had on 23 May, a few days before the vote of no confidence against Kurz in the Austrian Parliament, under false name destroy a printer hard drive from an outside company. On this data are stored to the last printed documents. The company informed the police – but only because the short-staff had not paid the bill for the action in the amount of 76 euros.

Politicians from all parties, with the exception of the ÖVP, demanded a full investigation of the incident. “Countless questions” saw SPÖ Federal Managing Director Thomas Drozda raised. Voters have the right to know if Kurz is involved in the case.

Access to sensitive documents?

A spokesperson for the ÖVP, on the other hand, said that the destruction of personal data and non-official documents before a change of government is a normal process. The former employee therefore had no access to sensitive documents.

Government Crisis in Austria: Strache Affair: The Chronicle of the Scandal

Already before there had been speculation in Austria whether Kurz could be involved in the Ibiza affair. Last month, Kurz referred to e-mails that allegedly covered his involvement as counterfeits.

Shortly after the EU election at the end of May had been voted by vote of no confidence. The coalition between the conservative ÖVP von Kurz and the right-wing populist FPÖ was broken after the publication of the so-called Ibiza video. For September, an early parliamentary election is scheduled.

The trigger for the political crisis in Austria was a video showing how the now-retired vice-chancellor and FPÖ leader Strache promises state orders to a supposed Russian oligarchs niece in return for election aid.

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