Bas (17) ended up in the hospital because of alcohol: “I was almost dead”

Mike (17), too, was just a little too cozy for a birthday. “I wasn't feeling well, and it felt like a moment to get away from it.” She was 14 at the time, and she was the only one in her group of friends who already drank. “That's why I started pouring drinks for everyone. With every drink, I thought: there could be an extra shot of vodka.”

Her friends wanted to go to a party, but Mike said she would rather go to bed. She was very drunk at that point, and her friends didn't want her to stay home alone. That is why she had to take a party on the back of the bike. Mike was not very stable anymore, and fell off her bike. “I went, hots, with my face to the ground. At the party, my friends brought me to first aid right away.”

At first aid, an ambulance and her parents were called immediately. “From that moment on it's all a bit vague. I remember that I had to pee in a jar and that the doctors stung blood. But it wasn't until the next day that I realized what had happened.” She woke up with a huge hangover.

How bad is alcohol for young brains?

Exactly how bad alcohol is for the teenage brain is still difficult to say. Eduard Klapwijk, neuropsychologist, explains how that works. “We cannot administer large amounts of alcohol to young people and see what happens. So we have to do it with research on rats. The question is then to what extent those results also apply to people.”

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