Brazilian President Bolsonaro: Edited image amuses the web

An amateurishly edited photo of a lunch by the Israeli ambassador to Brazil with head of state Jair Bolsonaro has caused a mockery on the internet. Obviously, lobster was eaten at the luncheon last weekend – but the marine delicacy is considered non-kosher according to the Jewish dietary laws.

“The lobster has been censored!”

A photo posted on the Twitter page of the Israeli Embassy shows Bolsonaro and Ambassador Jossi Shelley eating. The plates in front of them are blackened – but so incomplete that the lobsters are still recognizable.

“The lobster has been censored!” wrote an amused Twitter user. Another Twitter user published an edited version of the photo showing fruit salad and rice with meat in smiley shape on the plates. The comment: “I helped you to work better with Photoshop.”

Initially, the Israeli embassy did not respond to a request as to why the original photograph was edited.

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