Brexit hangs like dark cloud over British hospitals

While the word 'procrastination' begins to fall into the brexit file, British hospitals are very concerned about a no-deal. Also the hospital in London where the Dutch Marcel Levi has been director for two years. Instead of caring for patients, the brexit is at the top of his list of priorities.

Correspondent Tim de Wit visits the former AMC boss, whose worries are growing by the day. “Until about a month ago, the atmosphere was actually quite relaxed, everyone thought that there would be a deal,” says Levi. “The message from it Department of Health was also reassuring. But now there is a kind of change in that. “

If there is no agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom before March 29, the British will leave the EU without appointments. A scenario that can have disastrous consequences. For example for the stocks of hospitals. Remarkably, Levi is not the most worried about an impending shortage of medicines.

“In the warehouse of our hospital there is always a storage of every medicine for at least six weeks, so if there are deficiencies, you see that coming in. But for for example bandages, suture materials or certain catheters and probes that we use, the stock is just one two days big. “

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