Brexit: So the press judges Theresa Mays voting disaster

Idiots in the British House of Commons, the end of patience, averting chaos: The No of the British Parliament to the revised Brexit deal of Prime Minister Theresa May triggers many commentators shakes their heads and worries about the future – but also planning games, how it could go on. Read the press releases on the voting disaster at a glance here:

“Telegraph” (United Kingdom): “And if the UK now inevitably demands more time for the Brexit process, Brexit advocates hope that one in the EU27, with its objection, will bring everything to a standstill, no matter how it turns out, he (the Brexit process) will be at the mercy of the whims of the EU. “

“Financial Times” (Great Britain)“Avoiding chaos must now be a priority – a chaos in Parliament that could be exploited by extreme left and right forces, and the chaos of a disorderly exit from the EU – MEPs need to stabilize the political situation and create room for the To reconsider Brexit. “

“Times” (United Kingdom): “Any extension of the deadline would have to be used to pursue a different strategy, and yet the prime minister has repeatedly argued against other alternatives, one of which would be to better prepare for a Brexit without agreements and thus minimize costs. voting voters over their deal in a referendum, however unwanted that may be, and both would require an extension of more than two months, casting doubt on whether the government can hold out. “

Independent (United Kingdom): “In fact, a longer period would be needed to hold a second EU referendum or to rewrite Brexit for a new agreement, which will eventually be put to the British people for vote, if that means for another 21 months in the EU stay, as some sources suggest in Brussels, then the well-used time and always better than a hasty exit. “

“Scotsman” (Scotland): “Of course the UK is now fed up with idiots in the House of Commons who are seriously considering an unregulated withdrawal, and it may seem unlikely that MPs will support it, but support is still big enough that Theresa May thinks it's necessary. to suspend the group pressure for their deputies. “

“Irish Times” (Ireland): “The fact that the DUP supports Brexit in the first place is inexplicable, and so far it has not been able to propose a credible solution to the Irish border issue, and the North would be hit hard by a no-deal Brexit.”

“The Standard” (Austria): “All that is needed now is to avert the chaos, which will require an extension of the negotiating phase and the EU would be pleased to continue to stand by the British on Monday in Strasbourg.”

“Tages-Anzeiger” (Switzerland): “The Brexit is a disaster with an announcement anyway – a project of English nationalists fueled by lies and funds from opaque sources – the Brexiteers pretended to lead the country back to a supposedly glorious past – the British are not alone in this dream, but nowhere this dream so poisoned the climate, divided the population and disavowed a political class. “

“De Standaard” (Belgium): “The patience with the indecisive British is at an end, scenarios for a new referendum do not provide a solution, and any day that this grueling dispute lasts longer will weigh on future relations between the EU and its former Member State.”

“Diena” (Latvia): “For British politics, this week promises to be one of the most dramatic of recent decades – a number of important votes in parliament will be crucial to the country's future.”

“Washington Post” (USA): “For the besieged prime minister and other leaders, the key challenge in an election or further parliamentary debates is to overcome the demagogy of the right-wing Conservative and Mr. Corbyn's leftists, who, against all evidence, continue to say that Britain separates cleanly from the continent and at the same time its economic strength and the fragile peace in Northern Ireland, which depends on an open border with the Republic of Ireland, and the refusal of conservative ideologues and leftist opportunists to abandon these untenable positions accounts for much of what has been going on in British politics over the past few years went wrong. “

“New York Times” (USA): “But if the deal can not go through Parliament, and if no side is ready to jump off the cliff without a deal, then the only remaining option is to put the deadline back and keep trying, even if it's more troubling Waiting means. “

Wall Street Journal (USA): “An agreement – either by Mrs. May or someone else's – would have been the best Brexit solution, but if no politician can get parliamentary or popular support, it would be the voters' best way at this late stage to give the freedom of Europe for which they have voted. “

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