Bumps and scars: dozens of companies illegally put lip fillers

And then there is a second problem. Every lipfiller treatment must be performed by a doctor or nurse with a suitable BIG registration, or there must be someone like that. NOS Stories found that about half of the checked beauty salons did not have such a person at the time lip fillers were put on.

The sample was taken among a hundred random companies. Of course you never know if they are representative of the entire sector. On the internet there are many more companies that offer lip fillers, but organizations have poor insight into the size and quality of these practitioners.

Peter Velthuis, dermatologist at the Erasmus Medical Center, sees the consequences at a special complication consultation for people with fillers: bumps, scars and other nasty skin mutilations are the order of the day. “In almost all cases it is a question of poor practitioner technique,” he says. “He has done a course and thinks it will work. But they put too much filler, or in the wrong place.”

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