Chester Zoo Releases Rare Images of Giant Pangolins

The Chester Zoo (North West of England) published on Wednesday rare images showing giant pangolins, the species most affected by the illegal trade of animals in the world.

These images show animals evolving in their natural habitat on the Ziwa Reserve in Uganda, where the Chester Zoo is conducting a study mission. One of the recordings shows a pangolin gripping a tree with its claws, sitting on its mighty tail.

“The giant pangolin is a beautiful, mysterious and quite fascinating species, but its study is extremely difficult, being nocturnal, rare and very shy, only with new technologies such as high-sensitivity surveillance cameras. that we can learn more about how they live and interact with each other and their environment, “said Stuart Nixon, a zoo research program manager, on the school's website.

“In the absence of giant pangolins in zoos or safari parks around the world, all our conservation efforts must focus on saving them in the wild – the race is launched against criminal networks that only value dead pangolins.” he added.

In Malaysia, police and environmental activists announced Tuesday the seizure of nearly 30 tons of pangolin, a booty of some two million dollars, during a raid in a factory and warehouse.

At the end of January, the Ugandan authorities had announced the seizure of hundreds of pangolin scales hidden in tree trunks.

The pangolin, a long-tailed anteater, is a protected species and the only mammal covered with scales. These are very popular in China and Vietnam where they are considered a cure for multiple ailments while the meat of pangolins is sought after by gourmets.

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