Climate: Merkel calls for “all that is humanly possible”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday called for “doing all that is humanly possible” to respond to climate change and promised to do “all that is in her (power)” on this subject, during a speech to the Harvard University.

“We can and must do all that is humanly possible to master this challenge to humanity,” said the Chancellor, whose government is accused of delaying taking the necessary measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions .

“It is still possible, but each of us must do our part, and I say this with a dose of self-criticism, do better,” she added in a speech made mainly in German, during the traditional ceremony of graduation from the prestigious American University.

“That's why I will do everything in my power to get Germany to reach its goal of climate neutrality by 2050,” said the 64-year-old Chancellor, who had just received a doctorate of honor of the University.

In a speech often interrupted by applause, Merkel, whose coalition government was shaken by bad scores in the European elections, praised the benefits of European construction, the transatlantic partnership, multilateralism and respect for human rights.

Without ever mentioning Donald Trump, with whom she has notoriously difficult relations, she lamented attacks on free trade, “walls” of all kinds, “lies presented as truths”.

“We can find good answers to difficult questions if we try to see the world through the eyes of others” and “if we do not act impulsively,” she said, calling students to ” do not consider as acquired “democracy and peace.

The Chancellor in power since 2005 also spoke in enigmatic terms of the end of her mandate, she who must leave power in 2021 after a record longevity in Europe.

“We must be ready to put an end to things, to feel the magic of new beginnings,” she said.

“Who knows what life will bring me after my career in politics?” “It's completely open, only one thing is certain: it will be something different, something new.”

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