“Constructive” talks: Red-Green-Red in Bremen on the home straight

After two and a half weeks, the negotiations of SPD, Greens and left on a coalition government in Bremen on the home stretch. The draft text for the coalition agreement was re-edited on Sunday.

“The talks are good and constructive,” said SPD country chief Sascha Karolin Aulepp. The contract will be presented this Monday. After that, there are still three party congresses as well as a membership decision on the left. Until the treaty has “legal force”, it should last until the 22nd of July. Then the result of the membership decision should be available.

It would be the first red-green-red coalition in a West German state. In Bremen, the three parties have reportedly also agreed on the issue of finance. Now it's all about the distribution of departments. For this Aulepp kept covered on Sunday. So far, the state government of Bremen has eight senators including the president and mayor. An increase in the Cabinet to nine members is under discussion. For this, the law on the number of members of the Senate would have to be amended accordingly. At the latest on Monday evening after the national board meetings of the parties also names should be known.

The SPD had lost the election on May 26 and retracted the worst result in over 70 years. Nevertheless, the previous mayor Carsten Sieling (SPD) had underlined the mission to form a government. From the point of view of the SPD state executive board, Sieling should also be able to implement the negotiated results later, in other words: remain responsible. So it had declared the party leadership, at least before the start of the negotiations. Former SPD chief of state Dieter Reinken was one of the few who clearly demanded a withdrawal of Sieling after the election.

This week there are still a number of appointments: On Thursday, the left want to decide on a party convention on the coalition agreement. As the only party, the left polls its about 620 members in the state association directly. The decision is binding. On Saturday, the SPD and Greens put the contract to vote at party conferences. Already on Wednesday, the citizens will meet for their constituent meeting, and for the first time with the AFD in fractional strength (five MPs).

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