Despair and political crisis in the United Kingdom

As already expected, the British House of Commons has voted away the adjusted brexit deal from Prime Minister Theresa May. With 391 votes against and 242 votes in favor, the new version of the agreements that May made with the European Commission about the British departure was also referred to the waste basket.

Tomorrow the House of Commons will vote on whether or not to exclude a 'no deal', the situation in which the UK leaves the EU without agreements. The House of Commons is expected to vote in large majority against a no deal scenario. In that case, a vote will be taken on Thursday about a possible delay in the moment the UK leaves the EU.

We are reporting tonight with, among others, our correspondents Tim de Wit in London and Sander van Hoorn in Brussels. We also speak with Rem Korteweg of the Clingendael Institute and the Northern Irish politician David Kerr.

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