Donald Trump: Government allows trophy import of black rhino

Michigan trophy hunter Chris Peyerk is issued a permit to transfer the skin, skull and horns of a black rhino he has killed to the United States. He had requested permission from the Fish and Wildlife Service last year to import endangered animals. To obtain permission to hunt down a male rhinoceros bull in the Namibian National Park, Peyerk made a donation of over $ 400,000, over € 360,000, to a wildlife control program.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists the black rhino as a critically endangered species with only 5500 remaining specimens in the wild. Nearly half of the remaining black rhinos live in Namibia. Under an international agreement, it is legal to allow hunters to kill five male animals.

Five male animals are allowed to be killed each year

The subspecies that Peyrek mentions in his application, the south-western black rhino, is classified as endangered by the IUCN. That is, the species is less threatened with extinction than the rest of the genus. Peyerk is President of Dan's Excavating Inc., a major construction company in Michigan. Upon the request of the “Independent” for a comment, Peyerk did not respond.

Although US President Donald Trump has called the trophy hunt a “horror show” in a tweet, his adult sons regularly go hunting big game. Under his rule, restrictions on the import of trophies from endangered elephants and lions from the Obama era were lifted.

Criticizing the permit

The approximately € 360,000 that Peyerk has paid to the Namibian state will be used for wildlife management, conservation, rural development and other coexistence efforts between humans and nature. The Humane Society criticized the decision to authorize the importation of parts of black rhino to Peyerk: “We urge the government to end this pay-as-you-go process by which rich Americans receive trophies from critically endangered rhinos, while one killing the rhinoceros, “quotes Independent Kitty Block, director of the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International. “Since we can not turn back the clock to save this animal, the government can prevent the US from contributing to the demise of these species by refusing future applications to import black rhino trophies.”

Source: “Independent”

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