Dutch IS women lawyer is considering summary proceedings against government


Because the clients of Seebregts have been members of IS, it would be logical to assume that these women are also radical. But according to Seebregts, this must be apparent as soon as they are back in the Netherlands.

“When they come back, they will immediately be detained in a terrorist department and they will be tried. Then it will become clear what their line of thought was, and perhaps still is at the moment.”

Seebregts understands that there are Dutch people who are concerned about the return of these IS women with their children. But he thinks it would be more dangerous for Dutch society if these women came back under the radar. Moreover, he believes that the children should be helped.

“They are very young, they may have seen some traumatic things, but they have no responsibility whatsoever for what happened and they need guidance.” Moreover, says Seebregts, the Child Protection Board has investigated every woman and every child to whom they can return once they have arrived in the Netherlands.

“If it is determined that they have family members in the Netherlands who are not at all radical, then the children can go there. And if it is so that it does not feel comfortable with family, then they will be placed with a foster family.”

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