Epstein case: Trump Labor Minister resigns

The US Minister of Labor Alexander Acosta, in the storm for its management, there are about ten years, the legal file of the financier Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual abuse on minors, announced Friday his resignation.

“I called the president this morning to tell him that I thought resigning was the best thing to do,” Acosta said from the White House gardens alongside Donald Trump. “Alex Acosta has been a very good Minister of Labor,” commented the US president.

Mr. Acosta had been criticized for several days for having, in 2008, while he was federal prosecutor in Florida, negotiated a court agreement deemed too favorable to Mr. Epstein.

This wealthy hedge fund investor was again charged Monday in New York with sexual exploitation of dozens of minors. He faces up to 45 years in prison.

A negotiated agreement

But Mr. Epstein, who has had many friendships, including Donald Trump, former Democratic President Bill Clinton or Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II, was targeted by similar charges in Florida there is a decade.

The agreement negotiated by prosecutors under the aegis of Mr. Acosta had at the time avoided a trial of Jeffrey Epstein, kept apart from his victims and provided particularly favorable conditions for the development of his detention sentence.

(with AFP)

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