“European countries must keep out of this American escalation”

The action follows a British seizure of an Iranian ship at Gibraltar. Marandi confirms that the action against the British oil tanker was a retaliatory action. “That was the underlying reason, but there was also a technical justification for doing so. This is the problem that the British of today will have with Iran. The Iranians will seize legal grounds that you would be good if the relationship was good, can see through the fingers. “

Marandi, born in the US and graduated in Britain, points out that his country is not after a confrontation, but that it is ready to answer aggression. “I don't think the Americans are after conflict because they know the power of the Iranian force very well. The Iranians have been preparing since the illegal occupation of Iraq. They have underground military installations, missile defense systems along the entire Persian Gulf, on the islands, in the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman. They also have a strong naval capacity. In addition, Iran has strong allies in the region. “

Marandi advises Europe, and therefore the Netherlands, not to do what Washington requires. He refers in particular to the American president, his security adviser John Bolton and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo.

“I think European countries should keep out of this American escalation. It's not Iran that is escalating, it's the US that provokes. And I don't think the people of your country would like to support figures like Bolton, Pompeo and Trump scissors. “

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