Extinction Rebellion wants to paralyze a London airport for three days

The ecologist activists of Extinction Rebellion, who began Monday actions worldwide, plan to block the London City airport “peacefully” for three days from Thursday, they said Wednesday.

From 9:00 am on Thursday (8:00 GMT), activists intend to lead a “Hong Kong” occupation of the terminal by sitting down, lying down or sticking to the doors of the departures and arrivals from London airport. “Hundreds of participants have already registered to block their bodies in order to block the airport, wanting to sacrifice their freedom for this purpose,” according to Extinction Rebellion. According to the London police, more than 500 people have been arrested since the beginning of the movement on Monday.

Activists plan to gather from the various sites around Westminster, where the main centers of British power are concentrated, to converge on London City, sufficiently equipped to stay there for three days.

If they fail to carry their action inside the airport, the militants “will block from the outside”, blocking the rail shuttles and road access, they warned.

They consider the extension of the airport to be incompatible with the climate crisis and the “ecological emergency” declared by the Parliament, as well as the government's commitments to achieve a neutral carbon footprint in 2050. In the United Kingdom, as in other countries, Extinction Rebellion demands that this goal be advanced to 2025.

“London City Airport plans to double the number of flights,” said Rupert Read, a spokesman for the environmental movement, saying the infrastructure is “disproportionately used by private jets and financial “.

The airport has posted on its website working with the London police to “ensure the safety of passengers” and “minimize disruption”. He calls the passengers not to modify their plans but to inquire about their flights.

Of the five airports in the British capital, London City, which has a runway, is the closest to the city center. It has seen 4.8 million passengers in 2018.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the Extinction Rebellion protesters to abandon their “hemp-scented bivouacs”, calling them “grim recalcitrant”.

His father, Stanley Johnson, who joined the activists on Wednesday in Trafalgar Square, told the British press agency Press Association that being so qualified by his son was a “huge compliment”.

Green campaigners tried unsuccessfully in mid-September to block aircraft traffic at Heathrow, Europe's largest airport, using drones.

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