Fighter jet program: Bursting F-35 deal: Turkey calls US decision “unfair”

Turkey has canceled its US-driven expulsion from the F-35 fighter jet production and use program with a warning to the powerful NATO partner.

The foreign ministry in Ankara said on the night of Thursday a serious mistake by the US, which would inflict “irreparable damage” on the relations between the two countries.

Washington's unilateral and unfair step does not do justice to “the spirit of the Alliance” (NATO) and has no legitimate reasons, a statement said. Therefore he must be reversed. Turkey also emphasized that the friendship between the two countries was important to her.

The background is the US sharply criticized purchase of a Russian missile defense system by Turkey. Washington fears, according to its own statements, that Russia will be able to obtain data on the capabilities of the new US F-35 fighter jets via the radar of the S-400 system. As a partner in the construction of the F-35, Turkey should have received about 100 of these aircraft.

On Wednesday, the White House then finally broke the deal and announced the exclusion of Turkey from the fighter jet program. The reason given was that the purchase of the S-400 undermined the obligations of NATO members among themselves to keep away from Russian systems. The program includes UK, Italy, Canada and Australia.

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