Groko reaches agreement: Basic pension is coming

NOTE: THIS CONTRIBUTION DOES NOT CONTAIN A NON-SPEAKER OTONE Malu Dreyer, Acting SPD Chief: “That's something we've been working towards for a long time, that men and women who have worked long, 35 years and over, cared for the children or the Having educated children or caring for people, they have the opportunity to really have a pension at the end of their working hours that honors what was and is their lifetime achievement, which is why I am very happy about our compromise, because it is women who are the most important Five, four out of five people will be women in the future, and that is why this is also a strong message for women politicians. “As Social Democrats in the coalition, it has always been important for people who have worked for a long time to end up have a pension that is above basic security, and that they do not have to go to an office and spend hours on forms to reveal their whole circumstances, s that they will receive this basic pension very unbureaucratically, very close to the citizen. ” O-TON Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, CDU chief: “A solution that makes it clear: The person who has a need gets access to this new system of basic pension and the need is checked by a comprehensive income statement and income test We also agree that this is a contribution to tackling poverty in old age, but we also agreed that it is important that we prevent poverty in old age, and that is why today we have decided on a package of measures to how can we change the existing allowances for pensions on the issue of double occupational pensions, how we can do it differently, to transform the injustices that many complain, so to speak, into better regulation. “

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