IS has been officially defeated in Iraq, but peace is still a long way off

According to political analyst Abduljbbar Ahmad, IS was able to gain a foothold in Iraq due to mistrust among Iraqi leaders. “For a country to be stable, there must be a monopoly on violence. But there were only ten militias or military groups in this country in 2007. That would have to be zero in 2019, but in fact there might be a hundred.”

But transferring power to the Iraqi army or absorbing it is not an option for the Shiite forces. They also do not want to give up their power and say that only they can stop IS. But as a result, many ordinary Sunni residents also do not return. They are afraid of being accused of membership in IS.

According to Commander Elias, the terror group stirs up that fear in the population. “People want to return and live a normal life. But IS discourages that, with propaganda against Hashd al Shaabi and the security forces in Iraq.”

New face

He tells how his militia hunts for IS fighters. “Sometimes the terrorists retreat to inhospitable areas, but there are always families that shelter them. The security forces and Hashd al Shaabi have good sources of information, so they can raid those places and arrest the people they are looking for.”

Analyst Ahmad thinks there is a chance that IS will return to Iraq. “Perhaps with a new face, target, tactics and strategy.”

According to him, many liberated cities in Iraq are waiting for reconstruction. “People have lost their homes, the hospital, the schools, the university and their jobs. The real goal of economic recovery is to get families back and make sure they have a home again. New schools and a hospital need to be built so that the Iraqi families no longer have any memory of IS. “

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