Jacob from Groningen lets you experience what it's like to be homeless

The figures on the number of homeless people in the Netherlands vary. According to the latest CBS estimate, there are a total of 30,500 homeless people in the Netherlands. Of them, 41 percent are between 18 and 30 years old. The Shelter Federation, the organization of some seventy shelters, had about 70,000 people calling in 2017 for shelter.

Jacob (52) has been homeless for three and a half years now and found The Homeless Experience immediately a good idea. Together with the people from Het Kopland he provides the tour through the city. He thinks it is great fun, especially because there are often groups or students who work in healthcare.

“They will be on the other side of the desk soon. If they experience that we all come across, they will become more aware of our problems,” says Jacob. And it doesn't matter that it's a game where you are homeless. “If you let people experience it in a fun way, you will only learn more. But it must remain realistic, so no puppet show.”

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