Ketamine discovery by customs increases from 2.6 to 800 kilos in two years

The discovery of illegal ketamine has increased considerably in two years. Customs found only 2.6 kilos in 2016, last year it was 800 kilos. This is apparent from figures that NOS asked for 3 on imported ketamine.

In addition, the popularity of ketamine as a party drug is increasing. It is easy to get and relatively cheap. The question is where the drugs on the Dutch market actually come from.

NOS op 3 popped into the ketamine trade to find out which shadowy trade was behind it. Watch the video here:

Ketamine was once developed as an anesthetic and was first used during the Vietnam War. But also veterinarians and anaesthesiologists in hospitals used it and still use it. You can get horses and people flat with it.

In the 90s it first appeared as a party drug in the underground scene. According to users, the effect of ketamine – or keta, as it is also called – is that it makes you blurry. You can start hallucinating, as an anonymous user told us. “I saw a boy dance and it looked like he was pregnant.”

Ketamine is a crystalline powder that is usually sniffed. If you use a lot, you can get into a k-hole. Your body and your mind seem to separate and you can no longer move, but you usually hear what is being said around you.

The Trimbos Institute's annual drug monitor shows that ketamine use is on the rise, although it is not yet as popular as cocaine or xtc.

NOS op 3 spoke to someone who was involved in smuggling ketamine for a while. “It is seen as a relatively safe type of drug to trade in because it falls under the drug law.”

“You see that people who first earned their money in other trades are now switching to the keto market precisely because it is relatively safe,” says the anonymous contact. “The stuff arrives via the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, but is not only intended for the Dutch market. We are, just like for other means, a transit country.”

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