KLM fears loss of thousands of jobs if Lelystad Airport is canceled

Aviation out of shot

Reducing nitrogen emissions is a problem that affects almost all sectors of the Dutch economy. The farmers were on the Malieveld last week to demonstrate against measures that they thought were too drastic, construction in the Netherlands was partly halted as a result of the nitrogen ruling and industry and the fishery also had to contribute.

The opening of Lelystad Airport has been postponed, but otherwise the aviation industry seems to be left out. The sector did not participate in the Paris Climate Agreement, does not pay excise duty on kerosene and has not yet developed serious alternatives to kerosene. Elbers: “It makes no sense that we all point at each other. We have been doing well for years.”

Elbers refers to the development of biofuel, even though the amount of fuel from deep-frying fat that KLM burns is negligible at 0.04 percent. In addition, KLM is developing the Flying V together with TU Delft, a prototype of a new aerodynamic aircraft. With its Flying Responsible campaign, KLM is also trying to instill environmental awareness by giving them a ride on the train to Schiphol for consideration.

But abolishing the large number of short-haul flights that KLM offers within Europe is not in dispute, says Elbers. “The passenger who comes to China from China will continue to do so, but no longer via Amsterdam. So that will not help the total.”

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