Lawyer calls AIVD threat with report against journalist 'absolute nonsense'

In a letter, the chief of the AIVD, Dick Schoof, demands that names of an operation and a name of an employee of a foreign service be deleted from the upcoming book of Volkskrant journalist Huib Modderkolk. The AIVD also sees itself as “forced” to report against Modderkolk because of the “intention” to disclose state secrets. A rare step in the service. According to lawyer Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm, a report against Modderkolk would be “complete nonsense”.

“Declaration because of the intention to publish? Something intention but not yet implemented can not lead to violation of state secrets,” says the lawyer.


Alberdingk Thijm responds to the news that the General Intelligence and Security Service wants Modderkolk to adjust passages in his new book. The book, It's war, but nobody sees it, is about digital espionage and will appear in early September. According to the AIVD, information in the book can endanger a source. Thursday is a summary proceedings about the passages.

“It is quite serious to make a report against a journalist investigating AIVD. A questionable action and very undesirable. Modderkolk is not the first best journalist, he is one of the experts in this field with good contacts at GISS. A criminal process to limit him is utter nonsense. Never heard before, “says the lawyer.

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