Lubrizol: the smell persists, the investigation begins

The Paris prosecutor's office announced, on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, the beginning of investigations on the site of the Lubrizol plant in Rouen, the investigation has not yet allowed to date “determine the causes of the fire or locate with certainty the origin of the disaster” September 26, 2019. Investigations were entrusted to the Regional Criminal Investigation Department (SRPJ) of Rouen, the Central Office for Combating Environmental Violence and Public Health (OCLAESP) and the Research Institute Criminal Code of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN). Several dozens of videos, extracted from CCTV systems, are being analyzed.

Until now, “the persistence of hot spots on the sites concerned did not allow so far to make findings in the field”, said the Paris prosecutor in a statement. Investigations will begin this Tuesday, October 8. They will be conducted by 13 investigators from the National Gendarmerie, including six fire experts.

130 complaints already filed

In Rouen, 12 days after the fire, the residents did not worry. On the evening of October 7, during a municipal council devoted largely to the disaster and its consequences on the population and the environment, the mayor of the city and president of the metropolis Yvon Robert announced that the community was complaint against X.

Nearly 130 complaints have already been filed, according to the Paris prosecutor: “To date, 99 complaints, mainly of the head of endangering the lives of others, have been filed in the police zone and about thirty in gendarmerie zone or directly in the hands of the public prosecutor.” Yvon Robert said that the city would set up a platform to bring together associations and communities that would like to take legal action.

Odors “Anxiogenic”

To this day, the population continues to be bothered by strong scents of products. “There is always this issue of odors: it is necessary that these smells cease, they are uncomfortable, anxiogenic and unpleasant for all the population”, demanded the prefect of Seine-Maritime Pierre-André Durand at the press point set up almost daily by the prefecture since the events. He also said that a pressure was put on the two companies “, namely Lubrizol and Normandie Logistique, a neighboring company whose several warehouses loaded with products also burned. Il finally claimed that this week was going to be “decisive enough”new analytical results on agricultural products are expected.

Recall that the harvest of fruits and vegetables is still prohibited in a hundred municipalities in Normandy and the Hauts-de-France, although Health Minister Agnès Buzyn has described “very reassuring” the first analyzes of a possible contamination of food products with dioxins in the area concerned by the fallout of the fire. Not enough for the moment to reassure the farmers.

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