March 15-16, 2019: Mobilizations for the climate

After the petition of the Affaire of the century and the mobilizations of high school students in February and March, the climate challenge takes the form of two new actions on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16, 2019. Students and citizens are invited to take part to events organized throughout France.

March 15, 2019: Student Climate Strike

Greta Thunberg, a young Swedish climate activist, calls on students from around the world to demonstrate on Friday 15 March. Nearly 200 actions are listed in France by YouthForClimate, and more than 1,500 events are planned around the world. On Thursday, March 14, a hundred countries had answered the call of the Swede of 16 years.

The proposal of the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, to organize debates in all high schools on Friday the 15th, was not enthusiastically received by all young people. Claire Renaud, a student and member of YouthForClimate France invites high school students to debate in the street, outside the framework of national education that would not put enough emphasis on ecology and the preservation of the environment.

On the YouthForClimate website, which calls for a “Global Strike for the Future”, ten young French students call on high school students and students not to go to class and to take part in one of the many marches organized in France under the sign of nonviolence. “In the idea of ​​awakening the consciences of the youngest and the oldest, I call to strike because the future is us and we will not give in for GDP growth and the infinite exploitation of a finite nature“Says Idris Bensari,18 years old, in the first year of Bachelor in Management and Valorization of Nature in Alfortville, in the strike call published on the YouthForClimate website. Lucie Fortanier, 16 years old and student of first in Nantes announces: “I call to strike not to regret later having done nothing “.

In Paris, young people have an appointment at 13h place of the Pantheon. The procession will then go to the Invalides. Awareness sessions are planned throughout the march, on global warming, environment and waste. Young people are all invited to express themselves and to exchange. Student mobilization is expected to continue after March 15th. A new march could be organized before the European elections, in order to require more ecology in the candidates' program.

Saturday, March 16th, the march of the century

On Saturday, all citizens are invited to demonstrate to urge the state to act immediately for the climate. The site There is still time lists more than 190 events organized in France this March 16 and presents an interactive map that allows to find the nearest event.

The Paris demonstration will begin in three different places. Three processions with different themes: “State of Climatic and Social Emergency”, “Walk for the living” and “Bikes: Ride Green tomorrow” will meet at Opera, to continue the end of the march to Republic. On arrival, speaking time, music and sharing is planned. At mid-term, the March of the Century will join another demonstration, the Solidarity march, which denounces racism, police violence and defends the rights of migrants. The march of the century, the march of Solidarities and the yellow vests underline the convergences in their actions. “There is a unity in diversity, voices are raised on different subjects to denounce everything that is wrong.”

Our business at all

In addition, on March 14, the four associations Notre Affaire à Tous, Nicolas Hulot Foundation, Greenpeace France and Oxfam France, launched a legal procedure at the Paris Administrative Court, following the petition “The #Surveys”, signed by 2 million people. Associations accuse the state of climate inaction and wish “to have the judge recognize the State's obligation to act to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C, in order to protect the French against the risks of climate change.” Marie Pochon of Our Business to All explains: “We do not have time to wait and we have no right to fail.”


Mobilization is also organized on social networks. Sorry Children website offers “excuses generator” to give our children for leaving them a ravaged planet “, accompanied by proposals to change things. On March 12th, the collective launched the #lapireexcuse campaign on Twitter, to which more than 70 personalities have already reacted by revealing their worst excuses on the networks to justify their inaction. Sorry Children calls everyone to relay the message and share their own false excuses, with the aim of encouraging environmental and social action.

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