Merkel criticizes: “Business has to serve the people and not vice versa”

What consequences rage over social injustice can have Emmanuel Macron experienced for several months enough. The French president is under pressure because of the ongoing “yellow-vest” protests in his country. At the conference of the International Labor Organization ILO in Geneva, Switzerland, Macron demanded on Tuesday a global effort against problems such as social inequality or climate change. “I believe that the crisis we are experiencing could lead to a war and the demise of our democracies, I am convinced.” Without participation in progress, people would not support political leadership, Macron said. “That's why so many are attracted to authoritarianism, which seems to give them more protection against outside threats, saying, 'Democracy no longer protects you from the crazed capitalism, but we protect you by closing borders, walls build and give up multilateralism. ' It is our failure that feeds extremism and exclusion because we always need a guilty party. ” Chancellor Angela Merkel also urged international cooperation in her speech. “Since there are many who say we can do better on our own, I want to say explicitly that the compromise is part of international cooperation, and the compromise is not to attack, but the compromise is the ability to achieve a common result from different perspectives worldwide “The ILO member states are united in their efforts to promote decent working conditions,” said Merkel, “because the economy has to serve the people and not the other way round. I think that's the central phrase we need to keep in mind. Even in times of globalization. “Chancellor Angela Merkel said multilateralism: The International Labor Organization celebrates its 100th anniversary this year The UN body is committed to workers' rights and social justice throughout the world Participants this year adopt a declaration of the century to the future of work in times of digital change.

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