New election only if GroKo bursts: Poll majority: grand coalition should continue to govern

According to a poll, a majority of Germans would like a continuation of the battered grand coalition. In the RTL / n-tv trend barometer, 59 percent of the 1003 respondents say that the Union and the SPD will govern until the end of the 2021 parliamentary term.

By contrast, 33 percent want the Union-SPD alliance to end prematurely. The lowest is the inclination to break coalition among supporters of the Union with 14 percent and the SPD with 32 percent, as can be seen from the figures published on Monday. Green voters are to 40 percent of the opinion that GroKo should not continue to govern. For left voters this is 49 percent, for FDP supporters 38 percent and AfD sympathizers 68 percent.

If the grand coalition burst, 53 percent would be for a new election. A Jamaican coalition of the Union, Greens and FDP prefers 24 percent. 16 percent would be for a minority government of Union and Greens.

However, among the supporters of the Union are 45 for a Jamaican alliance and only 31 percent for a new election of the Bundestag. For FDP supporters even 54 percent would be for the tripartite alliance and only 35 percent for a new election. Sympathizers of the Greens see this differently, here set 55 percent to a new election and only 16 percent in Jamaica, should the current coalition go to pieces.

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