No compensation yet for Nouri: 'Legal action within six months'

If Ajax does not come up with compensation within six months, the Abdelhak Nouri family will take legal action. “And as much earlier as necessary,” says John Beer, the lawyer for Nouri's family News Hour.

It is exactly two years ago that Nouri (22) suffered a cardiac arrest during an Ajax practice match in Austria. He suffered brain damage and has been dependent on care day and night ever since.

Last year Ajax acknowledged full liability because the first treatment by Nouri on the field was inadequate. “The talks about reimbursement are not easy,” says Beer. “You can register that the family is not acting very generously. At some point we will have to go to court or arbitration.”

Situation 'unchanged'

In the meantime, according to the lawyer, Nouri's medical situation has not changed. “If you do not resuscitate someone while he has a cardiac arrest, the oxygen-rich blood does not reach the brain. If that takes a while, the brain cells die and they stop growing. The neurological situation remains the same.”

According to Beer there is a “subcomatic situation where subtle contact is possible, in particular between the family and Abdelhak”.

“He is aware of his situation, I think. The family is convinced of that. A conversation is not possible, but the impression is that he is really trapped in a body that makes it completely impossible for him to go outside in a normal way to communicate. He cannot make it clear either. That must be terrible. “

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