“Number of violinists at Binnenhof is less intimidating than a thousand tractors”

“What strikes me, also with the yellow vests for example: politicians are so afraid of public opinion. Even when it comes to popular protests. The sentiment of the popular is politically expedient. It is very sensitive electorally against a large group against the hair to iron. “

Political vitality

Despite the fact that Roovers thinks the farmers have made it up today, she sees the demonstrations as something positive. “It is political vitality. That people take to the streets is a sign of the revival of politics. Politics is a conversation of all citizens with each other.”

Moreover, she says, it is important to understand the farmers. “It is not just a job, it is a lifetime. It is the same as a few years ago with the protests in the culture sector. They were told: 'you are looking for another job anyway'. Now nobody says that. Why not? People don't dare. A number of violinists at the Binnenhof are a lot less intimidating than thousands of tractors. “

Watch the conversation with Roovers in Nieuwsuur here:

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