Doctors doubt effectiveness: Spahn does not want to touch homeopathy on cash costs

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) does not want to touch controversial cost assumptions for homeopathic medicines by the health insurance.

He pointed out on Tuesday evening in Berlin at the “Berlin Salon” of the editorial network Germany on the fact that the statutory health insurance pays for drug expenditures of about 40 billion euros a year about 20 million for homeopathy. This can be discussed emotionally and at the same time many are offended. Or one could ask oneself whether it is worth considering the whole order of magnitude. He decided it was “so okay”.

In France, homoeopathic medicines will no longer be reimbursed from 2021 onwards. Also in Germany is discussed about it. Those who want to have such means, they should receive, “but please not at the expense of solidarity,” said the head of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), Andreas Gassen said. He pointed to insufficient scientific evidence of effectiveness.

Homeopathy is not part of the service catalog of the statutory health insurance. However, many health insurances reimburse treatment costs for natural remedies because there is a demand. This is also an instrument in competition.

The budget plans of Rutte III in perspective

These are good times for the Netherlands, but will we all notice that? The government promises sweet after the acid, especially for middle incomes. Is that going to work? And what do other groups in society notice from the government's purchasing power plans?

The Dutch economy is growing cautiously, according to the forecast. But the government also speaks of a “profit warning”. The government wants to invest to stimulate the economy and to avoid bad times. Where does the money go?

And how feasible are the government's budget plans anyway? How does the opposition view it?

Greta Thunberg meets Barack Obama in Washington

“You and I are forming a team”: Former President Barack Obama has received the young face of the Greta Thunberg climate struggle in Washington, he said on Twitter on Tuesday.

Obama hailed the 16-year-old “one of the greatest advocates on our planet”. Greta Thunberg is visiting the United States after crossing the Atlantic aboard a zero carbon emission sailboat.

The organization of the former president, the Obama Foundation, aired a video of their interview on social networks.

“No one is too small to make an impact and change the world, so do everything you can,” says the now famous Swedish activist, with a dark blue hoodie on her shoulders.

“You and I are forming a team,” the democrat answers before offering him a “fist bump”, a casual gesture of greeting each other by banging his fist.

“Conscious that her generation will be hardest hit by climate change, she is not afraid to call for concrete action,” said the former White House tenant.

Last Friday, Greta Thunberg took part in a climate youth demonstration in front of the White House, ahead of the giant New York parade on September 20th, which is expected to put pressure on world leaders attending the country's climate summit. UN on 23 September.

Party threatened by division: Italy's ex-prime minister Renzi leaves Social Democrats

Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi leaves the co-ruling Social Democrats (PD) and wants to start a new party. The Social Democrats have “no vision of the future,” Renzi explained in the newspaper La Repubblica (Tuesday).

It is feared that Renzi's decision will destabilize the newly-sworn government of the once-disputed PD parties and the Five-Star Movement.

Together about 30 and thus a close fifth of the PD deputies and senators could join the new party, which still has no name. However, Renzi promised to continue to support the governing coalition led by Giuseppe Conte. Conte was little enthusiastic about the timing and goal of Renzi's plans, it was said from government circles in Rome.

The 44-year-old Renzi was considered the architect of the new alliance that had pushed the leader of the right-wing populist Lega, Matteo Salvini, into opposition. “The victory we have achieved in parliament against populism is important to save Italy,” Renzi wrote on Facebook. “But it's not enough. Now it's about building a young, innovative, feminist house. “

Renzi was Prime Minister from February 2014 to December 2016. The ex-mayor of Florence, who had acted as a “scraper” of the old policy, then stumbled on a constitutional referendum that he had made to vote on himself. The political star fell quickly with labor market reforms in the favor of Italians and split with his brisk way his party. In 2017, a left wing broke loose.

In the parliamentary elections of 2018, the Social Democrats brought a historically bad result – many blamed Renzi and the party-internal long-term dispute. His new party could come to about 5 percent, according to a survey institute.

In the PD, the step triggered displeasure. “It is a mistake to split the PD,” said party leader Nicola Zingaretti. Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini spoke of a “big problem” during the visit of the German Minister of State for International Cultural Policy, Michelle Müntefering. Ex-Interior Minister Salvini called it power lust.

The new star and PD government started about two weeks ago. The construct is considered prone to failure because both parties were previously divided. However, it is unlikely that Renzi will bring down the government in the short term, said Wolfango Piccoli of the think tank Teneo.

The broadcast of September 17

Prinsjesdag: are the cabinet's ambitions?

Today is the third Tuesday of September and that means: Prinsjesdag. Many Dutch people today look with full expectation at what they can expect financially. Such as Minke Harkema. Every year she goes to Prinsjesdag in traditional costume. This year she has even been invited to the Ridderzaal. With her middle income, she now hopes to notice something of economic growth.

We also look at what other plans the government has. What is invested in and what is invested in? We follow the ministers Hugo de Jonge (Public Health, Welfare and Sport) and Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management). E we walk with Jesse Klaver (Green Left), Lodewijk Asscher (PvdA), Geert Wilders (PVV) and Thierry Baudet (FVD). Does the government receive support from the opposition? Sit in the studio Arjan Noorlander and Mathijs Bouman.

Also follow the live blog of the NOS.

How Instagram ensures that you continue to scroll and like

According to researchers, getting a like on your photo can do the same with your brain as receiving a reward or if someone says something nice. If you get very few likes, the reverse is true. You can feel unhappy and even sad. “That is the reason for the constant desire to be online, and that restless feeling if you have not just been given that shot of Insta,” De Bruyne explains.

According to researchers, the craving for likes also influences 'normal' life, just like other addictions. “I always look with great amazement at duckfacing girls who turn their Amsterdam trip into a theater show for their followers,” says De Bruyne. People also look for places to take photos, while otherwise they would not travel to those locations. Instagrammers, for example, visited the chemical lake in Siberia en masse in search of the perfect picture.

But for the followers of NOS Stories, Insta is more than that. It is the way to stay in better contact with friends who they no longer speak to for example. They are also happy with nice photos and some say they are inspired by, for example, art projects. “Instagram is also very nice”, De Bruyne explains. “It's not for nothing that we love being on the app. But as soon as it starts to affect your life, it becomes a problem.”

An Instagram without likes

The makers of Insta seem to realize lately that they have a major impact on the lives of their users. That's why they try to help you a bit so that you don't get too addicted. The platform is experimenting with an Instagram without likes. And you can also set a maximum number of minutes of screen time in the app. You will then receive a notification when you exceed that screen time. Instagram says it does everything it can to protect users.

Despite all the symptoms, an 'Insta addiction' is not officially recognized in psychology and there is no official treatment plan for it. But you can certainly do something yourself to get that screen time down. “Remove the app from your homescreen, or even completely from your phone. Let yourself take a quick look at the app a few times a day. Then you can connect more with friends the rest of the time and really focus on other things. This will ultimately make you much happier, “says De Bruyne.

Colombia: more than 2,200 forest fires in 2019, the highest number in 20 years

More than 2,200 forest fires were recorded this year in Colombia, the highest number of fires in twenty years, an increase attributed to global warming and burning of agricultural crops, said Monday the authorities.

“The fires … have increased enormously compared to other years,” said Eduardo Gonzalez, director of the Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD), at a press conference in Bogota.

Since January, 2,217 fires have been reported in the country, affecting about 128,777 hectares, including in the departments of Tolima, Cundinamarca, Huila (center), Cauca and Nariño (south-west).

The majority of these fires “were caused by human hands to prepare land for the planting of agricultural products,” said Gonzalez.

For his part, Captain German Miranda, National Fire Chief, added that global warming is an aggravating factor and also complicates the fight against fires.

“Before, environmental temperature levels allowed us to control fires more quickly, and today we're up to 42-43 degrees, so they're spreading with a lot more force, affecting more large areas and are more frequent, “he told AFP.

The number recorded so far is “the highest peak” since the start of the fire registry in 1999, he added.

According to relief agencies, the Colombian Amazon has not been affected by this year's fires, unlike Brazil and Bolivia, where flames have devoured vast areas.

In Brazil, from January 1 to September 5, the satellites of the Institute of Space Observations (INPE) recorded 96,596 fires, of which 51.4% in the Amazon.

In Bolivia, fires have devastated more than 1.7 million hectares of forest and grassland since May, including protected areas, according to official figures.

Trump threatens China with tougher trade war

He warned the Chinese authorities against the temptation to play the watch until the US elections of 2020 in the hope that he will not be re-elected. “Think about what would happen to China if I won,” he said in a tweet. “The terms of the agreement would be MUCH BETTER!”, He threatened as new tariffs strengthened on billions of dollars of Chinese products came into effect on Sunday. “Although I'm sure they'd love to negotiate with a new administration to continue to scam the US ($ 600 billion a year), more than 16 months is a long time to suffer a hemorrhage from jobs and businesses in the long term, “added the US president.

On the American side, the economy and, in particular, the manufacturing industry dear to Donald Trump is not spared by the tensions with the Asian giant. Shortly after the presidential tweets, the professional association ISM reported a contraction of the manufacturing sector in August, ending 35 months of growth in a row. The ISM manufacturing index has even fallen to its lowest level since January 2016 when Donald Trump took office. “Trade issues remain the biggest problem, reflected in the significant decline in new export orders” explained Timothy Fiore, head of the ISM survey.

Too much uncertainty

“The comments of respondents reflect a significant drop in business confidence,” said the ISM association. “This is a very dark report,” said Ian Shepherdson, Chief Economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, noting that that the export order index fell to its lowest level since April 2009.

Although Donald Trump exclusively blames the economic slowdown on the central bank's monetary policy, the business world deplores the tariff war between the United States and China, noting that it affects not only US industrialists but also the US. moral of entrepreneurs in general. “Uncertainty ultimately leads to nothing good,” said Tuesday the president of the American Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, on CNBC.

The US economy has created 165,000 jobs on average monthly during the first half compared to 223,000 in 2018. For the manufacturing sector alone, 8,000 jobs were created each month against 22,000 last year. Last week, Donohue called on US leaders to take immediate action to restore business confidence and maintain growth in the US economy.

“In the midst of all the talk about a possible recession, it's important for everyone to remember this: economic expansions do not stop because of natural causes,” he wrote in a Washington column. Post. “They often die because of missteps and political mistakes, and the biggest mistake our leaders could make at the moment – exposing our economy to a greater risk of slowing down – would be to increase uncertainty.” he continued in the text, urging the Trump administration to lift tariffs and resume trade talks with China “now”.

US Republican Senators Steve Daines and David Perdue, head of a US-China “US-China Task Force” delegation, were in China on Tuesday meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, reported on Tuesday. official agency China New. US officials have recalled the importance of US-China relations and expressed their opposition to economic and trade conflicts between the two countries. They further emphasized their willingness to continue to play “a positive role” to promote harmonious development of bilateral relations.

For the moment, trade talks have stalled, Beijing refusing to agree in an agreement the requirements of Donald Trump: the end of commercial practices that he deem unfair like the subsidy of Chinese state enterprises. On Monday, China even announced that it is filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) to challenge the new US tariffs tightened.

Migrant deal with Italy: 'Salvini must stop this'

Following commitments from Germany and France, the Italian ports are once again opening up for boat migrants. The two countries are prepared to accept a quarter of all persons on board. The rest must be distributed among other European countries.

The plan is not yet coordinated with the entire EU: for example, the Netherlands would not like it. But the two countries are continuing. According to Gerald Knaus, architect of the refugee deal with Turkey, the underlying motives are clear. And they are not only humane, but especially political.

“We saw how Salvini had a party in 2013 that stood at 4 percent and turned it into 37 percent. He seemed to be the prime minister of Italy for a moment. A potential political earthquake for Europe. That is prevented. But this seems like the last chance for European governments and the government of Italy to show that you can manage migration without Salvini's cruelty. “

Predictable outcome

The Italian opposition leader Matteo Salvini again campaigned against the new Italian government today and hopes that the agreements will not be successful. This happens when the numbers of migrants grow again due to the agreements.

Knaus says that waiting is not an option. More needs to be done. “We have to talk to Tunisia. Many of those people come from there.”

“In reality, we have one crisis after another, all year round,” says Knaus. “A few people are saved, and they spend weeks at sea. With a very predictable outcome, because every time Germany, and others like France, Portugal and Finland, take them in.”

That must stop, says Knaus. “Salvini is only becoming more popular. We need to find a better system. It is now more urgent than ever to achieve a breakthrough.”

Storm Humberto strengthens but moves away from the Bahamas and the United States

Tropical Storm Humberto strengthened on Sunday and was to turn into a hurricane in the evening, but it will then be very off the coast of the Bahamas and the United States, according to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC).

At 15:00 GMT, Humberto was 290 kilometers from Abaco devastated by Hurricane Dorian two weeks ago, and 270 kilometers from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Its winds were about 100 kilometers per hour, but were expected to gain power in the day to reach a maximum of around 260 km / h.

The storm “is expected to turn into a hurricane by this night,” predicts the NHC, warning swimmers against the risk of strong currents on the coasts of the southeastern United States.

However, Humberto should not cause damage to the land.

On Monday, he should make a “dry turn to the northeast,” moving further away from the coast, the NHC predicts.

A house destroyed by Hurricane Dorian at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, northwestern Bahamas, September 10, 2019
 (AFP / Archives - Leila MACOR)

A house destroyed by Hurricane Dorian at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island, northwestern Bahamas, September 10, 2019
 (AFP / Archives – Leila MACOR)

Saturday, the storm licked the north of the Bahamas without carrying torrential rains.

Bahamas residents were apprehensive as it passed, 14 days after Hurricane Dorian, which, with winds at 295 km / h, killed at least 52 people in the northwestern archipelago.

This balance sheet could be even heavier. Friday, the local authorities were still looking to locate 1,300 missing.

More than 7,000 inhabitants of the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama have lost their homes because of Dorian and some 2,000 remain in shelters.

The international community quickly mobilized in support of the Bahamas government, but the distribution of aid was disrupted this weekend by Humberto.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres went on Saturday. “Horrified by the level of devastation”, he launched a strong call to intensify the fight against global warming.