The European Parliament wants to end the time change

2021 could be the last year with a seasonal time change“: this is the announcement of the European Parliament in a press release published on March 26, 2019. In a public consultation put online by the National Assembly, the French also spoke for the end of this system put in place in 1976 as a result of the oil shocks, the parliamentary body of the European Union broke the nail.

A watch fit in 2021 for the very last time

MEPs largely voted in favor (410 votes in favor, 192 against and 51 abstentions) of the suppression of the change of seasonal time from 2021. Member States will have the right to choose their time zone. So, “EU countries that decide to keep daylight saving time permanently will have to adjust their watches one last time on the last Sunday of March 2021, and those who prefer to keep the standard (winter) time could last time change on the last Sunday of October 2021“In France, the public consultation revealed that a majority of people (83.71%) want the end of this system and that 59.17% of respondents want summer time to be preserved. throughout the year. “France in the summer time it implies that in winter in some areas, like Brittany, it will be dark until very late in the morning, about 10 hours in Brest“, Warned RTL Karima Delli MEP Europe Ecology-Greens.

A choice of time zone that should not weaken the single market

Choosing a single time zone for each country is not risk-free for the single market. So, “MEPs also want the countries and the Commission to coordinate to ensure that the application of daylight saving time in some countries and winter time in others does not disrupt the functioning of the internal market.In the opposite case, the date of application can be postponed for a maximum duration of 12 months.the adopted text is Parliament's position for negotiations with the EU CouncilThe Parliament and the relevant ministers of the Member States will then have to discuss an agreement.

Pentagon unblocks 1 billion for Trump's wall

Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan announced Monday he has released $ 1 billion for the construction of a section of the border wall wanted by President Donald Trump on the border with Mexico.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has asked the Pentagon to build a 91-kilometer-long wall in the El Paso area of ​​Texas, and the Army Corps of Engineers “is allowed to coordinate directly with the DHS and the border guards to undertake the planning and implementation of this project to the tune of a billion dollars, “said the defense minister in a statement.

Mr. Shanahan justifies this expense by federal law. A paragraph of Article 10 of the US Code “authorizes the Ministry of Defense to build roads and gates and install lights to prevent (…) cross-border drug trafficking”.

A “national emergency” procedure

“Therefore, I decided to undertake (…) the construction of a wall 91 km long and 5.5 m high, to build and repair roads and install lighting like “DHS,” Shanahan said in a late-night statement, just hours before he turned to Congress to defend the Pentagon's budget proposal.

Frustrated by Congress's refusal to grant him the budget he demanded to build the border wall, Donald Trump launched a “national emergency” on February 15, which allows him to bypass parliamentarians in order to unlock more than $ 8 billion. dollars of funding.

This exceptional measure has outraged the Democrats, but also elected officials, who believe that the Republican overrides the presidential powers and creates a dangerous precedent.

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Brexit: Parliament enforces vote on withdrawal alternatives

The UK Parliament will vote against alternatives to the Brexit agreement against the will of the government this Wednesday. A request was accepted on the late Monday evening with a majority of 329 to 302 votes in the lower house.

Options include a closer connection to the EU or a second referendum. But even a direct departure from Brexit by withdrawing the resignation is in conversation. A vote for one of these variants would not be legally binding, but would give an indication of what a majority in parliament could be.

Prime Minister Theresa May had previously acknowledged that there is still no majority in favor of her Brexit agreement. Therefore, she does not want to vote again for the time being on the contract package for the EU exit, she said in the afternoon before the lower house.

“According to the current state, there is still insufficient support in the lower house to present the agreement for a third vote,” says May. Twice the head of government has already crashed with the deal.

Government would not be bound to alternative

Previously it had been speculated that Parliament could vote on the deal again this Tuesday. But she's working to get a vote this week, May continued.

The government was not bound, the MEPs should commit to an alternative to the Brexit agreement, said May. The automatic consequence of a rejection of their deal is still a withdrawal without agreement. At the same time, however, she reassured: “A No Deal will not happen unless the lower house agrees.”

However, there should be no departure from Brexit, May said. It also warned against a “slow” EU exit with an extension of the deadline beyond 22 May, which would require participation in the European elections, from 23 to May 26th takes place.

Extension only until the 12th of April

Originally Britain was to leave the EU on 29 March. The EU offered London a shift in Brexit last week until 22 May. However, the condition for this is that the lower house approves the withdrawal agreement this week. Otherwise, the extension is only valid until April 12th. In that case, before this date, London should say how to proceed.

The European Commission did not want to comment on May's announcements in the evening. A spokeswoman merely pointed out that only until Friday was time to organize the vote. If this does not happen, Britain must present a convincing alternative by 12 April – or leave the EU without an agreement.

The government in London wants to be blessed this week by Parliament for a legal ordinance, which is to be postponed the current date of resignation March 29, according to national law. If the regulation is not approved, confusion and injurious uncertainty will arise, but the Brexit date will not change, said May.

Giant demo against Brexit: Thousands protest for remaining in the EU

Will May be forced to resign?

British media had reported on the weekend, May could be forced by her cabinet to a speedy resignation. On Monday morning, the Prime Minister met her cabinet for a special session.

May received support before the special session of Trade Minister Liam Fox. The Prime Minister enjoyed the respect of the population, which surprised her, as May deals with all the pressure, said Fox in the morning to the radio station BBC Radio 4. The prospect of participation in the European elections in the event of a prolonged Brexit postponement could probably many deputies convince them to support the withdrawal agreement after all, so Fox.

Meanwhile, the EU is continuing to prepare for a chaotic Brexit. The European Commission published new information material for citizens on Monday. For example, it describes what to do when traveling to the UK. It is becoming more and more likely that there will be a Brexit without a withdrawal agreement, said a senior EU official on Monday to the preparations.

For travel to the United Kingdom, the leaflet states that the European Health Insurance Card would cease to apply and additional charges could be added for mobile phone use. Moreover, EU citizens would have to expect customs checks on the return journey. However, according to the current status, visas are only required for stays longer than three months.

If Britain actually leaves the EU without a withdrawal contract, dramatic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life are expected. Millions of EU citizens in Britain and Britons in the EU would be plunged into great uncertainty.

This is what former prosecutor Randall Eliason says about the Mueller report

The story haunts Donald Trump all his presidency: he is said to have conspired with the Russians. A witch hunt was his standard response. And that is why he now waves cheerfully with the report from the special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Because that too now says: there is no evidence for that. The long-awaited report by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller argues that US President Donald Trump is free from collusion with Russian authorities in the 2016 elections. Mueller leaves open whether Trump is guilty of obstructing the judicial process.

Justice Minister William Barr says after reading the investigation conclusions that there is insufficient grounds for prosecution on this second point. But the Democrats demand that the entire report be released so that they can draw their own conclusion.

According to former prosecutor Randall Eliason, the investigation was carried out very thoroughly and professionally: “Everyone should feel something of gratitude and relief about it.”

However, Eliason believes that the report should be made public: “The main conclusion of the report is clear, but still nobody has seen the actual report. There are still many aspects of the story that are not criminal, regrettable, unpattriotic and inappropriate. “

Iran: at least 18 dead in floods, according to emergency services

At least 18 people have died and 68 have been wounded in Iran in ongoing floods in many provinces, the country's emergency services said Monday.

This new provisional assessment of 18 deaths was communicated by the emergency services on their website. Previously, one of their leaders, Pirhossein Koolivand, had told state TV that at least 11 people had died and 68 wounded in the only city of Shiraz (south) and that another had lost his life in Sar- e Pol-e Zahab (Kermanshah province, west).

Iran faces unprecedented flooding in 25 of its 31 provinces, according to the Iranian Crisis Management Organization.

They occur mainly in the west and south-west of the country, just days after the floods on March 19 in the provinces of Golestan and Mazandaran, in the northeast of the country. No official record of damage in these provinces has been reported.

The activities of the emergency services are slowed down by the absence of many employees on leave, as Iran celebrates the Persian New Year.

The crisis management organization and the Ministry of Health, in charge of hospitals, have canceled all holidays and are on maximum alert. The provincial governors were ordered to stay in office.

The rains will continue to fall until Wednesday, warned the Iranian meteorological organization.

Incidence of illnesses: Green see measles import skeptical

The Greens in the Bundestag are at a distance from claims from the SPD, the vaccination of children against measles mandatory.

Instead of coercion and sanctions must be strengthened confidence in good advice and respond to prevailing uncertainty, said the green health expert Kordula Schulz-ash the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND / Monday). “For this we need an upgrade of the public health service and better staffing.”

At the same time Schulz-Asche emphasized that vaccination is an act of social solidarity. “The more people are vaccinated, the greater the protection for the population, especially for those who can not be vaccinated for health reasons.”

The SPD parliamentary group vice and health expert Karl Lauterbach had told the RND, he was talking about a duty to vaccinate with Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and “confident that we can soon submit a corresponding proposal.” A spokesman for the Ministry of Health told the German press agency that it was worried about the growing number of measles infections in Germany, which would take too many people “on the loose”. “A debate on possible action is only to be welcomed,” he said.

In the face of an accumulation of illnesses in several regions, the German Society for Paediatrics and Youth recently demanded a duty to vaccinate. Measles are extremely contagious and potentially fatal. As a result of a measles disease, it could only come years later to encephalitis, for which there was no treatment and would die in the affected patients.

Newspapers report a coup against May

According to reports in the British newspapers, the cabinet is looking for a coup against Prime Minister Theresa May. Eleven ministers in the British cabinet want the prime minister to resign immediately.

The ministers want to install an interim prime minister in their place. May's second David Lidington, Michael Gove (Minister of the Environment) and Jeremy Hunt (Minister of Foreign Affairs) are mentioned as possible candidates.

May is currently facing a complete impasse. On the one hand, the British Parliament does not want to approve its Brexit plans, on the other hand, the European Commission does not want to compromise on the agreement negotiated in the last two years. It has been granted a delay of several months from the EU.

How Okrah upgrades an entire neighborhood with basketball

It started on a small square in the neighborhood, where Okrah played basketball every day on his hands to play in the NBA. “It was a diverse neighborhood with a lot of potential,” he says. “But also a neighborhood where people live with a less socio-economic background.”

Through his mother and his basketball discipline, he rolled through his pre-university education – unlike most of the boys in the neighborhood – and eventually obtained a Masters in Marketing. He did not opt ​​for a career and big money, but started Triple Threat, a basketball club that grew into a youth platform.

You can see how he managed it all in this week's Good Story.

In Southern Africa, cyclone survivors Idai threatened by disease

The hundreds of thousands of people affected by Hurricane Idai in southern Africa are now threatened by an “inevitable” epidemic of water-borne diseases, including cholera, warned authorities who have again reviewed the balance sheet on Sunday , to more than 700 dead.

In Mozambique, the worst-hit country by Idai, which hit southern Africa on March 14, “the death toll has unfortunately increased,” Environment Minister Celso Correia said.

“Yesterday (Saturday), we had 417 dead and today we are at 446 dead” because “we received information from areas that were previously isolated,” he added from the city of Beira ( center), partially devastated by the cyclone.

In neighboring Zimbabwe, catastrophic floods and landslides have killed at least 259 people, according to the UN, and nearly 200 missing, including 30 schoolchildren.

“The balance sheet should rise again since previously isolated areas are now accessible,” warned Sunday the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCH).

With the ongoing recession, relief efforts continued to provide food distribution and road reconstruction.

But the Mozambican government and aid workers were also anticipating the emergence of water-borne diseases, given the stagnant water and promiscuity in the shelters.

- Devastated - (AFP - Yasuyoshi CHIBA)

– Devastated – (AFP – Yasuyoshi CHIBA)

“It is inevitable that cases of cholera and malaria will appear,” said Minister Correia, adding that “a cholera treatment center” was set up.

The Red Cross announced Friday the first cases of cholera in Mozambique, but the United Nations and Maputo said they have not, for the time being, registered.

“There will be waterborne diseases,” warned Sebastian Rhodes-Stampa of the Ocha. “But if (…) we have centers already in place, we will be able to handle the situation,” he added.

– Nightmarish logistics –

Cyclone victims Idai receive food at a school in Beira, Mozambique, on March 23, 2019.

Cyclone victims Idai receive food at a school in Beira, Mozambique, on March 23, 2019.

Nearly two million people are affected by the cyclone and its floods in southern Africa.

In Mozambique, more than 100,000 people found shelter in emergency shelters, including schools.

In Beira, the survivors are scrambling to get food and clothing, while the Red Cross is trying to reunite members of families dispersed.

“I do not know where my husband is,” testifies Beira Celeste Dambo, rescued by a fishing boat in Buzi, one of the most affected districts.

She sleeps on the floor, with her three children, in the gymnasium of the Samora Machel school in Beira.

Ten days after the hurricane, the “logistics” to access the missing and channel aid “remains a challenge,” says Ocha.

At least 80 percent of Dondo's electrical infrastructure, some 30 kilometers northwest of Beira, is damaged, according to the government. Beira, home to half a million people, remains partially without electricity.

But the repairs to the only road that allows access to the city and was partially washed away by the waters have just been completed.

In Beira Saturday evening, some streetlights were lit. The streets were cluttered again, a sign that life was regaining its rights. The few restaurants open were full.

– Mass in the night –

Priests pray on March 23, 2019 during a Mass at the Ponta Gea Cathedral in Beira, Mozambique, deprived of electricity by Cyclone Idai.

Priests pray on March 23, 2019 during a Mass at the Ponta Gea Cathedral in Beira, Mozambique, deprived of electricity by Cyclone Idai.

In the Ponta Gea Cathedral, which miraculously survived the weather, a Mass was celebrated in tribute to the victims, with a single torch and a few candles.

“People do not know what to do because they have lost their homes, they do not know where to sleep (..) But Mozambicans are not going to let down,” Pedro said.

In the assembly, a faithful looked at his missal in the light of his cellphone.

Children walk past homes damaged by Cyclone Idai in Beira, Mozambique, on March 23, 2019.

Children walk past homes damaged by Cyclone Idai in Beira, Mozambique, on March 23, 2019.

“We can not be bereaved, we have to continue, we are trying to rebuild our city,” said another believer, 19-year-old Wilfried Deliviai.

Survivors took advantage of the recession on Sunday to rebuild their homes with the means on board.

In Buzi, where hundreds of people sleep outside, in the street or on rooftops, a woman tried, water up to the knees, to recover a sheet for her shelter. Others swept houses where the water had reached one meter.

Russian interference? The report is there, how to proceed?

What exactly it has delivered is still unknown. But the Russia investigation is over. Washington is in high voltage.

The report has struck a staple and the special prosecutor Robert S. Mueller can finally clear his desk after more than two years of investigation. But the next question arises again. And that is: what will America see from the report and when?


Mueller has sent his report to the Minister of Justice, William Barr. And he must now decide what exactly he will bring out from the report. He would like to do that this weekend.

In any case, the Democrats are already calling for the entire report to be made public, says the most powerful Washington Democrat: Nancy Pelosi. She believes that the Americans have the right to the truth.

What exactly did Mueller investigate and what are the facts? View it below.