Peak of students coming: are the cities ready?

Not everywhere were the deficits really made up for in a year. Cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and Groningen do have concrete building plans for the future to further reduce the deficit. In Delft, Leiden and Eindhoven these plans are (for the time being) not or only limited.

Emergency shelter

And so the question is whether the tent scenes from last year can be prevented. To cope with the peak of new students, municipalities and educational institutions state in the action plan that they will provide adequate emergency shelter every year.

It is difficult to determine exactly how 'sufficient' it is. But the fact is that of the six cities with the largest deficits, only three have provided emergency shelter places: Utrecht, Groningen and Amsterdam. In July, the latter city already forgave all 269 emergency rooms for international students.

Delft and Leiden say they do not need emergency shelter. Last year, holiday homes were reserved in Leiden, which were ultimately not used.


The number of international students moving to the Netherlands has been increasing for years and it is expected to remain that way for the time being. The action plan states that educational institutions must familiarize students better with the housing situation in their city and with their rights as a tenant.

Because 'internationals' regularly run into problems when looking for a room. They are often so desperately looking that scammers respond to this. The Spanish Lidia came to Groningen last year and fell victim to such a 'scammer'.

“I had been searching for months and finally I was offered a room online. I had to pay an advance of two months, a total of 1300 euros. That room turned out not to exist. When I arrived, a family lived there that address.”

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