Pension agreement reached, but what still needs to be arranged?

Door cut

But the most difficult part is abolishing the so-called average premium. A new way of premium levy will be introduced. In the current system we all pay the same amount every year, whether you are old or young.

“The complicated thing is, if you are young and you hand in one euro, you can earn a return for forty years. But if you are sixty,” Bouman says.

So the euro that has been invested for forty years, or the euro that only returns for a few years, yields the same piece of pension. And as a young person you actually get too little pension for your contribution, but later when you are older too much. “If everyone would work for the same employer, it doesn't matter, but this is not the case. For example, many women work full-time at the start of their lives, and later part-time. So they are not compensated. should get back, don't experience it. “

In the new system, everyone still pays the same premium, but a young person builds up more pension with it than an older one. The subsidy from young to old is then gone.

“The people in their forties and fifties are the losers of this new system and the question is how this group will be compensated. Social partners, pension funds and pension experts should work this out together,” said Bouman.

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