Petersberg Climate Dialogue: Ministers from around 35 countries discuss climate protection

From today, two days of ministers from around 35 states in Berlin will discuss the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The annual Petersberg Climate Dialogue has been taking place since 2010, when the informal meeting after the disappointing World Climate Summit in Copenhagen should revive the negotiations. Co-host next to the Federal Government this time is Chile, where the UN Climate Summit will take place this December. On Tuesday Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will speak.

In the grand coalition, there is currently a dispute over whether and how the emission of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) should be made more expensive. Last year, countries around the world had laboriously agreed on rules for climate protection. Now, the focus will be more on the topics of financing, implementation and tightening of national climate targets.

The Petersberg Climate Dialogue takes place in Berlin – but it is so called because the delegates had met in the first year on the Petersberg near Bonn.

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