Prime Minister under pressure: May issues Brexit statement in parliament

Barely a month before the planned withdrawal from the EU, British Prime Minister Theresa May wants to bring the London delegates up to date on the Brexit talks.

On Wednesday, parliamentarians once again have the opportunity to vote on how to proceed. However, May came under further pressure after the opposition Labor Party announced on Monday evening that it now supports the call for a second Brexit referendum.

So far, the head of government has been trying in vain to rectify the withdrawal agreement negotiated with Brussels. A renewed vote on the January by the parliament overwhelmingly rejected deal excluded May therefore this week. However, it promised to re-vote the agreement by 12 March.

May wants to avert a looming revolt in the camp of the EU-friendly MPs in their group. Dozens of Tory MPs and several ministers threaten to wrest control of the case from the head of the government on Wednesday if they do not consider extending the moratorium. They want to prevent the danger of an unregulated Brexit with drastic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life. Britain wants to leave EU on 29th March. May rejects a shift so far categorically.

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