Prohibit plastic straws? Not a priority for Trump

The exchanges between Donald Trump and the journalists in the gardens of the White House sometimes give rise to surprising moments.

Between two questions on Iran and China, the US president was questioned Friday on the ban on plastic straws. And was dubitative.

“I think we have bigger problems than plastic straws,” he said.

Then, after a brief pause, he gave his opinion on the file.

“You have a little straw, but what about plates, packaging and all those things that are much bigger and made with the same material?” He said.

“Everyone is focused on the straws, but there are many other things to look at,” he concluded, grateful, amused, “an interesting question.” “.

His campaign team for 2020 has just put up for sale “Trump straws”, plastic, on which the name of the president is engraved “laser,” she says.

The slogan? “The paper straws of people on the left do not work”.

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