Protection for satellites: Macron wants to build military space command

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the establishment of a military space command.

“To ensure the development and enhancement of our capabilities in space, a large space command within the Air Force will be created this September,” Macron said on Saturday in a speech to the military in Paris. He spoke on the eve of the French national holiday. Sunday celebrations will be dedicated to European defense this year.

Space is a “new area of ​​confrontation,” Macron said. He has approved a change in the military doctrine that “will enable us to defend ourselves in space and from space”.

It is also about a better protection of French satellites. The Air Force will soon become an air and space weapon, said the President and announced appropriate investment.

US President Donald Trump ordered the formation of the “United States Space Command” last December, which will bring together former space activities of other commandos under one roof. The goal is to establish a “United States Space Force” as the sixth US military force by the end of 2020. Even countries like Russia, China and India are expanding their capabilities for space wars.

NATO had first adopted a space strategy in June. In doing so, the military alliance wants to see to it that wars can also be decided in space in future – for example, by attacking strategically important satellites or deploying weapons in space.

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