Spahn plans: Bundestag should decide law for faster medical appointments

The Bundestag should today (9.00) decide a law, which is to help cash-desk patients to faster appointments.

The plans of Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) provide, among other things, that medical practitioners must offer at least 25 instead of 20 hours a week for legally insured persons. Ophthalmologists, gynecologists and ear, nose and throat doctors must now have at least five hours a week as an open consultation without fixed appointments. Telephone mediation via appointment service points should be greatly expanded. Doctors in the countryside should get more money.

The Bundestag is also to adopt two laws governing the handling of diesel driving bans in cities. They are to be controlled only on a random basis with mobile devices and data storage of a maximum of two weeks. In addition, prohibitions should generally be regarded as proportionate only from a load of 50 micrograms of nitric oxide (NO2) per cubic meter of air – because the unchanged limit value of 40 micrograms can also be achieved otherwise.

In a current hour, the Bundestag also debates on Friday demonstrations of students for more climate protection.

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