State takes interest in Air France-KLM. What does this mean?

The Dutch state has entered the Air France-KLM holding company. This is what Minister Hoekstra of Finance said today at a press conference in The Hague. In this way Hoekstra wants to be able to directly influence developments at the company.

“The position of Schiphol and KLM is of great importance to the Dutch economy and employment, and thousands of jobs are directly and indirectly involved,” says Hoekstra.

In recent years there has been a lot of dissatisfaction in the Netherlands about the course of Air France-KLM and the position of the Dutch subsidiary in the company. The boss of KLM, Pieter Elbers, even threatened to be sent away by the boss of the holding company, Ben Smith.

In Nieuwsuur we paid attention to the subject. We spoke with Hans Smits, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KLM, and Hans Schenk, professor of economics and business administration. We asked correspondents Arjan Noorlander (The Hague) and Frank Renout (France) for clarification.

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