Students race on hydrogen: “This is perhaps the future of automotive technology”

There are different ways to produce hydrogen gas, but the way that is currently the most common is by no means sustainable. “You have to react natural gas with steam and then hydrogen gas is released, but also CO2,” says Smeulders.

There is a way to produce hydrogen gas sustainably, but it requires green energy. “You are talking about green hydrogen gas, but you also have brown and blue hydrogen gas. With the brown hydrogen gas, CO2 is released, which simply goes into the air. And with the blue, the CO2 is stored in the ground.”

Yet the professors agree that hydrogen gas will become part of our future. And that future, captain Wim Windt likes to be part of it: “As you can see, we are moving from petrol and diesel, now to hydrogen and electricity. Every time I like those steps, I naturally hope to be part of that with a hydrogen car. “

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