The bear, saved in Ariege last week, in danger after escaping

An unweaned cub about 5 months old, who had been saved in Ariege after losing his mother, is in danger after escaping from the pen where he was being treated in the Tarn, according to of the prefecture of the department.

The small animal “8 kg particularly weakened” which had been placed “on June 12, 2019 in a + capacity of ursids + in order to be refueled and restored to recover its natural environment”, escaped in the night from Sunday to Monday his enclosure in the town of Saint-Pierre de Trivisy, about forty kilometers south-east of Albi, said the prefecture of Tarn in a statement.

“This individual has an administrative authorization to keep wild animals, in this case bear, after training.The equipment is checked by ONCFS agents”, the National Office of Hunting and Wildlife wild, added the services of the state.

According to a prefectural agent, the bear, “still very weak” has very little chance of survival “if it is not found in the next hours”.

A call to witness and research have been launched to find the bear who “does not present any danger to humans,” said the statement.

A dozen people, including three specialists from the National Office of Hunting and Wildlife (ONCFS), with dogs, participated Monday afternoon in this research, said a correspondent of AFP.

Jérôme Sentilles, leader of the Brown Bear Network in the Pyrenees, coordinates the research: “There are two types of dogs, the first to track the bears with their tracks and another dog to detect the droppings, which makes it possible to closer to the animal.Today, the big difficulty is the heat, the dogs are very hot, it is very complicated, we have found nothing for the moment.

A week ago the small mammal wandering without his mother near the houses of the village of Couflens in Ariège, had been collected by ONCFS agents.

A veterinary examination had confirmed that the plantigrade was “extremely weakened, malnourished and dehydrated”, proving that he was separated from his mother for several days, told AFP the Occitania delegate of ONCFS, Nicolas Alban.

This agent had stressed the difficulty of setting up “a temporary captivity by guaranteeing the non-impregnation (faculty to keep the fear of the man)”.

According to the ONCFS, about fifty bears live in the Pyrenean massif with a concentration of individuals in western Ariège, at the very place where the cub was saved.

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