The British also vote brexit or no brexit

According to the politician, it is elections that nobody wants. “So it's pretty intense. A short, intense campaign. And it shows a deep-rooted sense of dissatisfaction in the UK. And if we must, we'll continue to demonstrate how fake, corrupt and undemocratic the EU is.”

The essence of the Brexit Party's success is the discontent with existing parties that did not manage the Brexit. “

“It's a shame that we have to vote again,” says a young Brit on the street. “Why would you hold a referendum if you ignore the result? That means people no longer believe in the democratic process. We are the oldest democracy in the world. Other countries look down on us. We ignore a tradition of hundreds of years, a disgrace.”

The Conservatives are blamed. They are seen as responsible for all the political bumbling in London.

Second referendum

McClarkin of the Conservatives is a member of the European Parliament and was an advocate of the Brexit. She receives little enthusiasm on her tour of the houses on her campaign day. And she understands. “I'm not in the mood for these elections either, I want us to keep going. I want us to leave.”

The Brexit Party also has one clear goal. “We fear that another weak deal will be concluded,” says Bullock. “We don't think the Conservatives will succeed. That's why we stay on the battlefield. Unfortunately we didn't do that after the referendum. We thought: we won, now they give us that brexit. That is why we have withdrawn. until the time comes. “

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